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Getsitecontrol is an easy-to-use popup and form builder for Wix. Use it for collecting emails,
getting feedback, conducting surveys, and boosting sales.

Getsitecontrol Grow your email list Grow your email list

Create stunning email subscription forms for your website and watch your signup conversion rates soar. Connect widgets to your email marketing software, easily segment subscribers, and establish a long-term relationship with your audience.

Getsitecontrol Make it easy to contact you Make it easy to contact you

Allow your website visitors to share their questions and feedback through easily accessible online contact forms. Activate instant notifications to receive new form submissions right in your inbox and be able to respond directly via email.

Getsitecontrol Display calls to action Display calls to action

Make sure important news doesn’t get unnoticed. Whether you’re running a sale or just want visitors to read your newly published blog post, Getsitecontrol widgets will help you encourage people to take action and check your content.

Getsitecontrol Conduct quick research Conduct quick research

Getsitecontrol’s form builder for Wix allows you to create online surveys in a matter of a few clicks. Utilize them to measure customer satisfaction, find out where your visitors learned about you, or collect their opinions about the upcoming changes.

Getsitecontrol Reduce bounce rate Reduce bounce rate

With the exit-intent technology, you can trigger popups right before your website visitors close the page. Display a website exit survey if you want to find out why people are leaving, or an email subscription form to convert them before they’re gone.

Getsitecontrol Skyrocket conversions Skyrocket conversions

If you display calls to action when visitors are most engaged with the content, your chances to convert them into customers are the highest. Getsitecontrol’s targeting settings help you catch that moment precisely and target the right audience.

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The most intuitive form builder for Wix

Email opt-in form exampleSee live preview →

Newsletter signup forms

Looking for a way to get more email subscribers? Use professionally designed email signup forms that appear on a page without interrupting user experience on your website. Experiment with modal popups, floating bars, time-delayed slide-ins, exit-intent triggers, and lead magnets.

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Feedback form as a right-side panelSee live preview →

Custom contact forms

Need to collect specific information from your prospects and customers? With Getsitecontrol, you can turn a standard contact form into a convenient channel to leave feedback, request a callback, place an online order, or apply for a job – just by adding the required fields and checkboxes.

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Survey with checkboxes for choosing a theme for the next blog postSee live preview →

Survey form builder for Wix

Conduct research right on your website or in your cloud app. Create quick surveys or multi-page questionnaires and set them to appear on selected pages at the right moment: after a visitor spends a certain amount of time on your website, upon button click, or right before they exit.

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Welcome popup with a gift offer as a lead magnetSee live preview →

Catchy calls to action

Boost conversion rates using well-targeted CTAs. Design beautiful popups, slide-ins, and floating bars that perfectly match the style of your website and nudge visitors into taking action. Use these widgets to announce special deals, drive traffic to a page, or display important notifications.

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Endless integration opportunities

Getsitecontrol Your favorite EMS Your favorite EMS

Connect your email capture forms to the email marketing software of your choice in a matter of a few clicks.

Getsitecontrol Zapier cloud solutions library Zapier cloud solutions library

Integrate Getsitecontrol widgets with the cloud apps you use for business and set up a smooth data exchange.

Getsitecontrol Google Analytics Google Analytics

Track widget performance in the Google Analytics dashboard and get a bird’s eye view of your campaigns.

All you need for precise setup

Getsitecontrol Foolproof form builder Foolproof form builder

There is no need to have any coding experience or special knowledge to build forms and popups in Getsitecontrol. The dashboard is so newbie-friendly – you’ll create your first widget within minutes.

Getsitecontrol Multi-page widgets Multi-page widgets

By adding extra pages to a form, you can break down a lengthy online survey into smaller, digestible parts; or you can create a “submission success page” that displays after a visitor hits the Send button.

Getsitecontrol Targeting settings Targeting settings

You can set widgets to appear on selected pages and at a designated time. Furthermore, you can target new and returning visitors, as well as people using specific devices or located in particular countries.

Getsitecontrol Adaptive design Adaptive design

Your widgets will look perfect on mobile. Not only do they automatically adapt to smaller screens according to the Google requirements, but you can also manually adjust their appearance for mobile.

Getsitecontrol Real-time data Real-time data

Keep an eye on your widgets’ performance, collect real-time statistics, and make changes on the go. Run multiple split tests right in the dashboard to find out the best combination of copy and creative.

Getsitecontrol Exit-intent detection Exit-intent detection

Use the exit-intent recognition technology to display popups and surveys right before visitors leave your website. Find out the reasons people abandon the page and convert some of them into subscribers.

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