Stop visitors from leaving your website

Ksenia Borisova

You are spending a lot of effort (and money) to get more traffic for your website, but many people landing to your site will just look around for less than a minute and leave to never come back. That's OK. Expecting to turn all these visits into conversions is unrealistic. But there are certain things you can do to make less people bounce off your site. Today we are here to share a tip on lowering your website’s bounce rate with the help of GetSiteControl widgets.

Bounce rate is one of the most commonly referenced website analytics metrics and we all know how important it is to monitor and understand your website’s bounce rate.

So, what’s a bounce rate?

A bounce is when a visitor lands to a page of your website, views this page only and leaves without visiting any other pages. The percentage of such visits is called bounce rate. There might be various reasons for a website to have a high bounce rate. Simply put, it means that visitors do not find what they are looking for. Or they think that your website is not what they need.

A great many articles available on the web describe various things you can do to reduce your website’s bounce rate. Thinking about the purpose of the page is the key, which means you should provide relevant content and make it easy for your visitors to find what they are looking for. Today we will not go into details, we are sure the design and message of your landing pages is great and you are constantly improving it.

But a certain number of visitors will still leave. Some of them might not be your target audience. However, some of them can be your potential customers who haven’t noticed the best of your offer and who just need one more gentle push in the right direction, one more convincing argument to stay.

So why not make one last attempt to convince them before they leave to never come back?

Here comes the bounce form

That’s what we call it here at GetSiteControl. It’s an exit-intent pop-up form with a message that your website visitors will see when they are leaving your website.

What kind of message should you put there?

It will all depend on your website's content and purpose, but we have a couple of suggestions here to inspire you:

  • use the Promo widget to tell them about the unique terms you offer, a sale, a great new feature, point them to related content they might like or offer them a special discount;
  • use the email popups to invite your website visitors to subscribe to your newsletter before they leave. If they have got interested in what you offer they will want to stay in touch;
  • use the Website contact forms to offer your assistance to those leaving because they have doubts, questions or difficulties or ask your visitors for feedback;
  • use the Follow and Share widgets to invite those who have liked your website to share it on social networks or follow your company profiles before they leave.

Here is how you do it:

To create a widget that will be displayed when a visitor is leaving your website, switch to the Behavior tab when creating or editing the widget and choose to ‘Start to display the widget when the user is leaving the website’. Save the changes and you are all set. As soon as you activate the widget, visitors will see it when leaving your website.

Now, we do know that many people find these forms annoying. We do too sometimes. But it all depends on what this message is about. If you are offering assistance or giving helpful advice with this message while lowering your site's bounce rate and increasing conversions - then we are for it!

Are you using exit pop-ups on your website? If yes, do you find them useful? If not, you can try to add one right now: sign up if you are new to GetSiteControl or click Add widget in your dashboard if you are already registered.

Check out our step-by-step guide to learn how to create an exit popup.