What's new: MailChimp integration, enhanced targeting and more

Ksenia Borisova

We listen carefully to all the feedback you send to us and implement the best ideas. So today we are here to share some really cool new features we have just added.

MailChimp integration

GetSiteControl is now friends with MailChimp allowing you to sync your accounts. If you are using MailChimp to send your newsletters, just connect the two accounts and the email addresses you collect with the signup forms will automatically be exported to the mailing list of your choosing.

Here is how you do it: sign in to your account, click Site settings at the top of the page and enter your MailChimp API key. After the accounts are synced, open your Subscribe widget, switch to the Integrations tab and choose the necessary mailing list.

Check out our step-by-step guide on how to connect your Subscribe widget to MailChimp.


Want to show your widgets to a specific audience only? Have an offer for Italians, Chrome users or mobile visitors? It's all there in the Targeting section:

  • country
  • OS
  • browser
  • device
  • traffic source

Choose one parameter or any combination of these parameters to deliver your message to the audience that is just right.

Responsive mobile view

All GetSiteControl widgets are now fully mobile responsive, so your widgets will look great on any mobile device your website visitors might be using. Widgets adapt to the user's screen size and automatically switch to the mobile view when displayed on a mobile.

Have you ever tried to open a mobile-unfriendly site from a mobile phone and click around? Irritating, right? Sure you don't want your own website cause stress for your mobile visitors. Now all GetSiteControl widgets include touch-optimized buttons that make using widgets on mobile devices easy and stress-free.

Share by email and Print

We have added two new options to the Share widget: Email and Print. Now your website visitors can recommend your site to their friends in a private email message in addition to sharing your content on social media.

And that's it for today. A big thanks to those who share their ideas and feedback with us and help us build a better service. Do you have new ideas on how to make GetSiteControl widgets better? If there are other features you want to see in your widgets, comment on this post or send an email to contact@getsitecontrol.com.