What’s new: Get to know your customers with the Survey widget

Ksenia Borisova

GetSiteControl widget set has just had a super useful addition - the new Website survey widget. You can now easily conduct surveys on your website to learn what your website visitors think about your site, products or services, to better understand what they need or what difficulties they have. Knowing what your clients truly want is vital for success of any company, and there is no better way to know what someone wants than to ask them. That’s why we have decided to add surveys to GetSiteControl widget kit.


When we say that you can easily create a survey we really mean it. We have made sure that the setup process is as simple as possible, with no hoops to jump, with no complicated settings and parameters requiring hours to understand. All you need to do is enter the question you want to ask and answer choices, select the necessary question type and where on the page you want your survey to appear. That’s all. Oh, and you need to pick a color for your survey, but that’s easy too, as you can quickly choose from suggested colors matching your website color scheme.

Question types

There are five types of questions you can choose from:

  • Multiple choice question (single answer). That’s the one with radio buttons where respondents can choose only one of the variants.
  • Multiple choice question (select many). That's a question with check-boxes where respondents can choose more than one answer.
  • Single line text. Here there are no variants to choose from, the respondents are asked to enter their answer into the text field.
  • Multiple line text. Another question with a text field where you can ask for a lengthily answer.
  • Email address. This is where you can ask for respondents' email addresses.

If you want to see how these question types look like you can just check the Survey widget page. Feel free to click through the interactive test survey we have created on that page.

You can also see how GetSiteControl surveys will look on your own website (or on any website for that matter): simply enter the website URL in the One-click widgets preview field and click See on your website.

Collect responses

Once you have setup your survey you need to see what your website visitors' answers are. You can view results in real time right from your dashboard by clicking the View responses button. This will show you an overview of all survey responses on one page. You can also choose to receive email updates to your inbox once a day, once a week or instantly.

Exit surveys

We have previously discussed how you can lower your site's bounce rate by showing an exit form to those leaving your site. With the new Survey widget you can now ask a question to the visitors who are about to exit to understand the real reasons they are not converting.

An exit survey is just one of hundreds of possible survey types you can run on your website. Today we are not even going to try to cover them all, but to make creating surveys easier for you we are planning to add survey templates of the most commonly used survey types. Do you have any thoughts on what templates you would like to be able to use? If yes, we would love to hear those.

Check out our step-by-step guide on how to create an exit survey.

Want to add a survey to your website?

If you are already registered, just open your dashboard, click Create widget and choose Survey from the list. And if you are new here, sign up for free to get access to six different widgets that are easy to create and manage.

If you have any questions about the new Survey widget, please feel free to comment. Your feedback is really important to us.