What's new: Cool animations, new widget layout and more

Ksenia Borisova

The recently released Survey widget was not the only feature we have been working on here at GetSiteControl. There's so much new stuff that it just did not fit into the previous post. So, today we'd like to tell you what other new features we have prepared for you.

New Slide-out layout

OK, so this name might not be final, but the layout itself is here to stay, because it can be useful for so many things. When you go to create your next widget or edit an existing one check out the two new layouts you can now choose for your widgets. They are neat forms sitting either in the bottom right or bottom left corner of the page. They are quite eye-catching but not as obtrusive as a central pop-up window might be. Your website visitors are sure to notice them, but a widget like this will not prevent them from browsing around your website. Yet they will still see your message.

The new slide-out widget layout

We believe this layout will work great for the signup forms (as pictured above), as well as for the Website surveys, website popup widget or even contact forms - basically anything you want to be noticed by all website visitors while not interfering with the main website content.

And if you have any ideas on how this type of widget should be called, please share those. Calling it a slide-out is not exactly accurate anymore, because sliding is not the only thing GetSiteControl widgets can now do. Here is why:


We are especially fond of this feature: you can now choose what type of animation will be used when your widgets appear. You can make them fade in, bounce, zoom or even swing to make them even more attention-grabbing.

You can find Animation settings on the Design tab right under the color picker. And you will see the result right away in the preview window on the right.

Mobile view settings

We have previously introduced mobile widget view for websites that use responsive design. Now you can check how your widgets will look like on small screens right from your control panel, adjust their color and change the breakpoint if necessary.

Mobile view settings

To check mobile settings open your dashboard, click Site settings and then switch to the Mobile tab.

MailChimp double opt-in

If your Subscribe widget is synced with a MailChimp account you can now choose to enable the Double opt-in option. It means that when your website visitors leave their email address via a Subscribe widget a letter to confirm the subscription will be sent to their inbox. Only after confirmation their email address will be added to your mailing list. This way your new subscribers confirm that they own the email address they provided and want to receive emails from you.

And that's it for today. Feel free to share what you think about the new features and what other new functionality you'd like to see in GetSiteControl widgets. You can leave comments here on the blog, join us on Facebook or drop us an email at contact@getsitecontrol.com.