What’s new: Color it up!

Ksenia Borisova

It's been awhile since we posted an update, but we've been busy working on some seriously cool features here at GetSiteControl. These new features will help you create unique professionally looking widgets which will match your specific needs.

Customize the colors

If you are already familiar with GetSiteControl widgets you know that until recently you could only configure widget colors with the help of the automatic color matching tool. It means that you choose one base color and we match the rest of the colors, such as button and text colors, automatically. And this method works quite well as far as we can see. However, we have received requests from people who wanted more freedom in terms of colors. So now you have it! In the newly added Advanced color customization section you can now choose separate custom colors for all widget elements: buttons, headers, texts and background. You can create unique widgets that will perfectly match your corporate colors and your website design.

Promo widget with custom colors

Another good idea is to make the widget button a contrasting color to attract more attention to it. That’s your call-to-action, so it’s always better to make it more prominent.

Subscribe widget with a contrasting button

If you don’t know where to start with color customization check the pre-made color presets. These are different color combinations that work well together and that you can apply to your widget in one click.

And if you have created your own perfect color scheme, save it as a preset to be able to use it for other widgets in future.


The fonts used in your widget can now also be customized: you can choose between serif and sans serif fonts or select the Inherit option. This will take the main font of your website and use it for your widget text allowing you to keep your fonts consistent.

Text formatting

We have added text formatting options to text fields which means that you can now highlight important information in your widget with bold, italic or underlined text. And you can include links in your widgets too. For example, if you promise a free download to those who subscribe to your newsletter you can include a link to that downloadable on the final 'Thank you' page.

Promo without a button

Sometimes you need to add a notification to your website, but don't want to take site visitors away from the page. You only want them to read the notification and stay on the page. So, you need a website popup, but without a button. Now you can easily create such simple notifications: all you need to do when creating your Promo widget is to remove the default button text. If there is no button text, there will be no button.

And that's it for today. We look forward to seeing you get creative with your widgets. And if you have ideas on how we can make GetSiteControl widgets better, don't hesitate to send those ideas our way!