What's new: Autoresponder, star rating and more

Ksenia Borisova

Despite the holiday season we've been busy around here, so we have more new features to show to you today!


The Autoresponder feature allows you to create a letter that will be automatically emailed to your new subscribers, to those who have completed a survey on your website or to those who have sent you a message via a contact form. Contact, Email subscription and Website survey widgets now all include this feature.

Autoresponder email

To add an autoresponder message open the widget in your dashboard, switch to the Integrations tab and check Enable autoresponder.

We have prefilled the fields with some neutral default texts, but you might want to change the subject and the message. Here are some ideas for your autoresponder:

  • welcome new subscribers with a discount coupon;
  • send a link to some useful content on your website;
  • provide a link to download a free e-book or report;
  • thank site visitors for completing your survey;
  • confirm that you have received their message via the Contact widget and specify when they can expect to hear back from you.

An autoresponder is a great way to connect with your audience better and engage your new contacts right from the start.

Check out our step-by-step guide on how to set up an email autoresponder.

Custom fields in the Contact widget

The default website contact form is simple and universal, but you might want to add more fields to your form, such as 'Name' or 'Phone number'.

Now you can easily do it - just switch to the Content tab when creating or editing your widget and click the +Add field button. You will then be able to choose what type of field you want to create: a text field, a drop-down list, a list with checkboxes or radio buttons or even a star rating!

Star rating

Star rating is a new type of field you can now add to your Website survey or Contact widgets. Star rating is a great way to get instant feedback from your site visitors. You can ask them to rate a blog post, the simplicity of your website, web design or anything else.

To create a survey with the star rating type of field you need to click the +Add question button and choose the Rating option from the list. You can also enable comments so that site visitors could provide additional feedback. Here's how your star rating can look like:

Star rating onsite survey

Check out our step-by-step guide on how to create a star rating.

Survey templates and Contact templates

We want you to be able to create widgets for your website as quickly and easily as possible. So we have added several pre-made templates for the Survey and Contact form widgets. You can use these templates to create popular types of contact forms and surveys, such as:

To check the full list of newly added templates login to your GetSiteControl dashboard, open the necessary widget and switch to the Content tab.

And if you are new here you can create a free account right now and have these cool widgets installed on your website in just a couple of minutes.

Oh, and one last thing:

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from all of us at GetSiteControl!