What's new: mobile view, targeting and more

Ksenia Borisova

We have just released a bunch of new useful features and most of them are based on the feedback we receive from our users! So if you have suggestions, feature requests or any other comments, please don't hesitate to share those with us. OK, here's what's new:

New mobile view

We have completely redesigned the responsive mobile widget view. If your website is responsive your popup widgets will no longer be minimized when viewed on mobile devices. They will still be displayed as popups and their size will be adjusted to fit smaller screens. Here are examples of how a Follow, Website survey and Email subscription popups will look like on a mobile device:

Bars, buttons and panels are now displayed in a minimized compact view when the site is opened on mobile devices.

If you want to see how your widgets will look like on mobile before publishing them on your website you can now preview the mobile version of every widget right from your dashboard.

Please note that if your website is not responsive your widgets will not switch to the responsive view and will look the same way as the desktop version.

Collect names with the Subscribe widget

Now when you create a Subscribe widget you can choose what information you want to collect - email addresses only or emails and names. And if you are using MailChimp to send your email campaigns you can send all the collected data straight to the necessary MailChimp list.

Which one do you prefer? Do you ask for an email address only or do you collect the names of your subscribers as well? We would really like to know.

Email notifications about new subscribers

If you want to receive email notifications about new subscribers you can now choose to receive them instantly, once a day or once a week. Check the Integrations tab when creating or editing your widget to configure your email notifications.

Check out our guide on how to receive instant email notifications about new subscribers.

New targeting options

New options have been added to the Tagreting section allowing you to reach more specific groups of website visitors. The new options are:

  • Targeting by region/state and city/town allows you to show widgets to visitors from a specific location only. As one of out clients noted, this feature can be really useful to organization that have bricks and mortar stores in different locations. Creating different offers for visitors coming from different locatons would be a great way to engage them.
  • Targeting by referrer lets you include or exclude traffic coming from a particular website or a group of websites.
  • Targeting by IP lets you include or exlude visitors coming from a particular IP address.

Check out our step-by-step guide on how to target widgets by country, state or city.

Improved reports

Do you know that you can download detailed spreadsheet reports on your Contact, Subscribe or Survey widgets? Now these reports include even more details on each visitor: location, OS, browser and device.

And that's it for today. We are looking forward to your comments and suggestions.