What's new: MadMimi, ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor integrations and more

Ksenia Borisova

GetSiteControl is now integrated with MadMimi, ActiveCampaign and Campaign Monitor

If you are actively using GetSiteControl you might have noticed some of the new features already, but if you haven't, read on to find out about these recently added updates:

  • MadMimi integration
  • ActiveCampaign integration
  • Campaign Monitor integration
  • Free custom colors
  • API tagreting
  • Survey welcome page

Mad Mimi, ActiveCampaign and Campaign Monitor

Three new integrations are now available. You can integrate your account with Mad Mimi, ActiveCampaign or Campaign Monitor. It means that all the email addresses collected with a Email subscription, Contact form or Website survey widget will be automatically sent to the selected service and added to the mailing list you specify. So, if you are using any of these three services for email marketing we highly recommend setting up automatic export of the data collected with your GetSiteControl widgets. If you need help with setting it up, check these guides for step-by-step instructions:

How to integrate your Subscribe widget with Mad Mimi
How to integrate your Subscribe widget with ActiveCampaign
How to integrate your Subscribe widget with Campaign Monitor

Custom colors are now free! You can choose custom colors for every element in your widget: headers, descriptions, buttons and background.

Custom colors are now free!

Before this update advanced color customization was only available on the Plus and Pro subscription plans. Now this feature is free! You can choose custom colors for every element in your widget: headers, descriptions, buttons and background. Even if you are on the Free plan you can design your own unique widgets that will perfectly match your website colors.

Survey welcome page

A small but useful feature for those who are using the Website survey widget. You can now add a welcome page to your survey. This page is shown before the first question and allows you to greet your respondents, explain what the survey is about or promise something to those who have completed it. Adding a welcome page is easy: open your Survey widget, switch to the Content tab, click on the +Add question button and choose 'Welcome page' from the drop-down list. Then you can configure the page's title, description and button text.

API targeting

We have added a new option to the Targeting settings, it allows you to target website visitors using any custom parameters you pass to Widget API. Please note that it's very technical stuff, so we would recommend you to use it only if you are comfortable working with APIs. Instructions on how to target visitors by custom API parameters are available here.

That's it for today, but we have more updates coming very soon.

As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions.