What's new: Multiple users & Chat operators

Ksenia Borisova

What's new: Multiple users & Chat operators

Exciting news! We've just released a major update that many of our users have been waiting for.

You can now add multiple managers and multiple chat operators to your GetSiteControl account!

This new functionality makes GetSiteControl a great choice for owners of multiple websites and for bigger teams. Now you don't need to do all the work in your GetSiteControl account yourself, you can easily delegate these tasks to other members of your team. You can even assign different tasks to different people: let some of them handle live chats while others create widgets for new campaigns, deal with email marketing or conduct online surveys.

Multiple users

If you are the account owner and want to let someone else create and edit widgets you can now easily do so. There is a new Users section in your dashboard where you can easily create a new user account. This page lets you quickly overview all of your account's users, assign access rights to them, as well as activate and deactivate users if necessary.

Multiple chat operators

Multiple users also mean you can have any number of chat operators. Here are some of the features that will make handling live chats easier for your team:

  • assigning operators is fast and easy;
  • chat conversations can be quickly transferred between operators;
  • operators can navigate quickly between chats;
  • one chat operator can accept multiple chat requests;
  • conversations can be marked as resolved with a click of a button;
  • conversations can be marked as important, banned or deleted;
  • detailed visitor information is displayed next to each chat (location, IP, browser, OS and current page);
  • operators can quickly switch between online and offline statuses.

Manage access rights

Since you can have more than one website in your GetSiteControl account you also should be able to define which websites each of your users has access to. You can manage access permissions in the same Users section in your account. Here is what you can do:

  • give access to selected websites only;
  • allow or restrict access to the main list of widgets. When a user has access to the list of widgets they can create new widgets, edit and delete existing ones;
  • allow or restrict access to live chat conversations. It means that you can invite users to use the chat panel only without giving them access to any of the other account's data.

New GetSiteControl website

In other news, we have a completely new website! We've put a lot of effort into making the new website more beautiful and user-friendly. We hope you like the new design as much as we do. The site is now also completely mobile-friendly, so you can easily browse it from your smartphone.

New GetSiteControl website


If you visit our new pricing page or the Billing section in your account you'll see that you can now easily choose not only the necessary number of websites but also any number of users. Select the exact number you need and then go up or down at any time if necessary. You can choose to have one website and 5 users or 5 websites and one user - it's totally up to you. You pay only for what you need.

So, what do you think? If you have already tried the new features, we would like to hear your feedback. If you haven't, are you planning to? We welcome your suggestions and comments!