Exit popup inspiration: 5 widgets that will stop abandoning visitors

Ksenia Borisova Ksenia Borisova

Exit popup inspiration

Today we'd like to talk about exit intent technology and show you how you can use it to improve your website's conversion rate. Exit intent popups are an incredibly popular marketing tool and that's because they are very effective. Unlike traditional popups that jump right at you as soon as you open a page, exit popups are less intrusive and do not interfere with website browsing. And they still do the job!

So, what's an exit popup?

An exit popup is a modal window that's shown to website visitors right before they close the page. The technology is based on mouse movement tracking and triggers the popup when the visitor's mouse is reaching to close the tab or browser or to go to another site. You've probably seen these popups many times. They offer discounts or free shipping, invite you to subscribe or share the site on social media, offer free downloads or ask you to leave feedback. There are so many possible ways to use exit intent technology and today we are going to share five examples that you can easily implement on your own website using GetSiteControl tools.

Offer a discount

This one is a classic. As we all know, it's very difficult to resist a good deal, so a discount code is a great incentive that can convince abandoning visitors to have another look at what you are offering.

Exit popup - offer a discount

Use the Promo widget to offer a discount to the visitors leaving your website.

Capture email leads

Exit opt-in popups are a great way to convert visitors into list subscribers. Telling your visitors to subscribe as soon as they open the site is not always a good idea. Give them some time to browse your website and ask them to opt-in to your email list just before they leave. Having their email address means that you can continue to comminucate with them via their inboxes generating more website visits and conversions.

Invite website visitors to subscribe before they leave

You can create an opt-in popup just like this with our Subscribe widget.

Offer help

Why are they leaving? Have they met a problem they don't have time to figure out? Haven't they found what they were looking for? Thanks to exit intent technology you can offer you help to the visitors who are leaving because they have problems or unanswered questions. An exit contact form is a great way to politely offer assistance and show your potential customers that you care about them.

Offer help to abandoning site visitors

You can use the Contact widget to create a custom exit contact form for your website.

Offer free resources

One more great way to turn abandoning visitors into email subscribers is to offer free downloadable resources in exchange for the visitor's email address. You can offer an ebook, a guide, an infographic, a report or anything else your visitors will find helpful. Not only will it help you grow your email list, but it will also get visitors more interested in your content.

Exit website popup - offer free downloadable resources

You can create this popup using out Subscribe widget.

Run an exit survey

Do you want to know why people are leaving your website? You can simply ask them! Add an exit survey to your website that will prompt visitors to provide feedback before they leave. You can make this survey as simple or as complex as you like, but keep in mind that not everyone has time to fill out a lenghtly survey. Make your exit survey short, sweet and to the point to gain insight into why visitors are leaving your website and what you can do to make it more effective.

Exit website popup - offer free downloadable resources

You can create a custom exit survey using the Survey widget.

And that's it for today. We would love to hear your opinion on exit intent popups. Have you tried using them on your own website? Have you found them effective? Please share your thoughts!

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