New features: Facebook Messenger and targeting by language

Ksenia Borisova

New features: targeting by language and Facebook Messenger

Today we would like to introduce a couple of recently released features requested by our customers. If you are subscribed to our newsletter you would have heard of these features already. If you are not yet subscribed and would like to receive email updates, click the Subscribe tab on the right.

Now, here is what's new.

Target visitors by language

We have added one more targeting option to help you show the right messages to the right audience. You can now choose to show widgets only to visitors speaking a certain language. If you have a multi-lingual website or if you know your visitors speak different languages, you can now make your widgets speak the same language as they do.

This feature has been requested by our customers quite a few times and we can see why. Let's say, your website has two different language versions, English and German. You definitely do not want to show English promotions to German visitors and vice versa. Now you can make sure that your English offer is shown to English speakers only while German speakers only see the German offer. To make this happen, you will need to create two separate widgets in two languages in your dashboard and then use the Targeting section to specify what audiences should see each widget.

Facebook Messenger in Share and Follow widgets

Both Share and Follow widgets now include the Facebook Messenger option which means your website visitors can quickly share your website URL in a private Facebook message or contact you via Facebook Messenger.

You can add the Facebook Messenger button to your social media widget on the Content tab.

When included in a Share widget, the button will open Facebook Messenger allowing to share the link to the page in a message. When included in a Follow widget, a click on the Messenger button will let your website visitors contact you directly through Messenger.

Both of these features have been suggested by our customers and we would like to say thank you to those who take the time to share their feedback with us. We do appreciate your feedback and assure you it never goes unnoticed. So keep it coming!