Integrate Slack into website live chat with GetSiteControl [UPDATED]

Posted by Ksenia Borisova on October 1st, 2018

Integrate your Chat widget with Slack

The first update of the year we’d like to announce is a long-awaited integration between Live Chat widget and Slack. Those of you already using GetSiteControl live chat to communicate with the website visitors will now be able to manage conversations right in your Slack dashboards and respond to the incoming messages even on-the-go from its mobile app.

For those yet unfamiliar with Slack, it’s one of the most convenient team communication tools used by thousands of teams and millions of users worldwide. And if you haven’t had a chance to try it, we encourage you to check it out!

With the new feature available in GetSiteControl, you will be able to do the exactly the following:

  • Receive real-time Slack notifications about new chat conversations on your website.
  • Respond to the incoming messages directly from your Slack account.
  • Use Slack mobile and desktop apps to chat from anywhere.

Now, let’s take a closer look at how this integration between Slack and your website live chat works.

GetSiteControl widgets for nonprofits

Posted by Ksenia Borisova on May 11th, 2018

Free widgets for nonprofits from GetSiteControl

Did you know that GetSiteControl tools are free for non-profit websites? We are proud to be working with hundreds of non-profit organizations from all over the world and helping them connect with their audience through their websites. Free website engagement tools are a small thing, but we are glad that in a small way we are helping these cause-driven organizations achieve their goals.

We’ve come to know some amazing organizations through this program. Today we would like to introduce you to some of them and showcase the widgets they are using on their websites. We hope it will give you ideas on how you can use GetSiteControl widgets in new ways on your own website, either nonprofit or commercial one.

Mall Galleries, Federation of British Artists, UK

Mall Galleries is an Art Gallery based in Central London and the home of The Federation of British Artists - an Arts Charity comprising nine of the UK’s leading Art Societies. The Federation provides exhibition facilities and organises Open Art exhibitions for public viewing in the Mall Galleries. The Open Exhibitions provide opportunities for developing artists to exhibit alongside more established artists. Their education programme incorporates collaboration with people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Mall Galleries and the Federation also operate an Art Consultancy and an Online Sales Platform - Buy Art | Buy Now as well as a Venue Hire operation to sell the Mall Galleries space to others wishing to organise exhibitions and events.

Here is what they say:

The GetSiteControl widgets are amazing and extremely effective. We’ve seen newsletter subscriptions rise, users on our website sign up to our Friends Scheme and help to convert users to buyers on our online sales platform. We’ve also had fewer complaints about hard-to-find information regarding closing times.

Getting ready for the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

Posted by Ksenia Borisova on April 19th, 2018

Disclaimer: This article is provided for your convenience and does not constitute legal advice.

May 25 is fast approaching which means the new European data protection regulation will go into effect very soon. The EU General Data Protection Regulation also know as GDPR is a huge update that "was designed to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe, to protect and empower all EU citizens data privacy and to reshape the way organizations across the region approach data privacy." Let's talk about what this update means for you as our customer as well as for us, who will be affected and what needs to be done to be compliant.

While the new regulation may seem intimidating, it's actually intended to make compliance with European laws easier. Prior to the GDPR, each country within the EU had different data protection laws, making it difficult for companies to comply across Europe. With the GDPR being a unified set of rules, companies can comply at the European level rather than on a country-by-country basis.

If you know all the theory already, scroll down to read what we have been doing to prepare for the GDPR.

Who does the GDPR apply to?

The GDPR applies to all organizations, located within the EU and outside of it, processing and holding the personal data of data subjects residing in the European Union. It means that regardless of the location, all companies processing personal data of EU citizens are affected by the GDPR.

GetSiteControl expert reviews

Posted by Ksenia Borisova on March 5th, 2018

Do you rely on reviews when looking for new tools? Or do you prefer to experience every product first hand and form your own opinion? If you are interested in reviews, here are some of the expert opinions on GetSiteControl we've recently come across. If you like to write your own reviews, check the end of this post for great places to share your opinion.

FinancesOnline awards for GetSiteControl


GetSiteControl Reviews: Overview, Pricing and Features

GetSiteControl has been awarded the "Rising Star" award as well as the "Great User Experience" recognition for best conversion rate optimization tools by the popular review directory and SaaS platform FinancesOnline.

GetSiteControl is also one of the top 20 Conversion Rate Optimization Software products on FinancesOnline and was recommended in their What Is Conversion Rate Optimization Software guide!

GetSiteControl provides you with a set of friendly and lightweight call-to-action forms. You can create, edit, activate, deactivate and analyze all of them in a single user dashboard, which helps get an overview of the overall performance and make quick adjustments when needed.

Want to share your opinion? Click here to leave a review.

New Google Chrome ad blocker: should you be worried?

Posted by Ksenia Borisova on March 2nd, 2018

The short answer is "no". Your GetSiteControl popups will not be affected by the new Chrome ad blocking update. We have received several questions from our customers who are worried about this new feature affecting GetSiteControl widgets on their websites, so we decided to investigate this question further and write this post to answer any concerns you might have.

What is this ad-blocking update?

Last year Google announced an update to their Chrome browser that was designed to "improve advertising on the web" and on February 15 the update was released as promised. Now Chrome blocks ads considered "frustrating or intrusive". Some examples of such ads are full-page ad interstitials, ads that unexpectedly play sound, and flashing ads. To come up with the types of ads that are considered the most annoying by users, Google conducted a big research aimed to identify the most intrusive ad experiences. Based on the results of this survey, Better Ads Standards were devised. If you want to learn more about the types of ads that are now blocked by Chrome, check the Coalition for Better Ads website.

Do we need to worry?

Only if there are intrusive ads on your website. If you want to know for sure, you can see detailed results, such as the specific violations of the Better Ads Standards if they were found, via the Ad Experience Report in Google’s Search Console.

However, your GetSiteControl widgets will not be affected by this update and will not be blocked by Chrome. This new update is only about ads, and GetSiteControl widgets are not ads. To quote Google, "an “ad” is promotional content displayed on the web as the result of a commercial transaction with a third party." This means advertising only, things like ads served by AdSense and DoubleClick, not email lead forms, discount popups, surveys, etc.

New Valentine's Day icons + 5 marketing ideas

Posted by Ksenia Borisova on February 8th, 2018

New Valentine's Day icons for marketing promotions

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner which means businesses around the world are flexing their romantic advertising muscles. How about you? Are you preparing any Valentine's Day themed offers and promotions? Valentine's Day marketing is not only for hotels, restaurants, florists and jewelers, it's a great opportunity for any website to create engaging online marketing campaigns inspired by the most romantic day of the year.

To make it easier for you to create beautiful Valentine's Day marketing campaigns, we have added new icons that you can add to your promotional pop-ups in just a couple of clicks. The new icons are already in your dashboard, ready to be added to your website widgets. If you need help with creating a popup with an image, like the one below, check out this step-by-step guide.

GetSiteControl now integrates with 1,000 other products!

Posted by Ksenia Borisova on January 11th, 2018

GetSiteControl now integrates with 1,000 other apps via Zapier!

We know that getting your work done requires a whole lot of different web tools. In fact, the average business uses between 10 and 16 apps. You have your email app, CRM, note-taking tool, cloud storage tool, team communication app, along with project management tools, various to-do lists and your GetSiteControl widgets, of course. Sometimes, it can be a struggle to get them all working together. Now, thanks to Zapier, GetSiteControl has 1,000 integrations which means you can choose your favorite tools and easily integrate them with GetSiteControl.

GetSiteControl now connects to 1,000 other web tools, thanks to our Zapier integration. Zapier is an awesome workflow automation tool that lets you set up your own codeless integrations called “Zaps”. Zaps will automatically send information from one tool to another, so you’ll spend less time manually transferring data between your business tools and can dedicate more focus to creative, big picture tasks.

New holiday icons + 5 Christmas popup ideas

Posted by Ksenia Borisova on December 9th, 2017

New Christmas icons for your website popups!

How is it the 9th of December already?! It's time to decorate your Christmas tree and your website!

Are you planning any special holiday-themed promotions this year? Do you want your website to look a little more festive? Create fun Christmas popups with our newly added holiday icon set! The new icons are already available in your dashboard. To add one of these fun images to your popup, simply open the Appearance tab, click to Add image and then click Add from gallery. Find step-by-step instructions on how to add an image to your widget here.

🎄 Holiday popup ideas 🎄

If you don't have any specific promotions in mind yet, here are some ideas for holiday widgets you can add to your website.

Google-friendly mobile popups

Posted by Ksenia Borisova on December 4th, 2017

Google-friendly mobile popups

Over the last several years Google has been taking measures to improve the user experience of mobile users. One of the changes introduced earlier this year was the "intrusive interstitial" update. We know some of you have been worried about being penalized for using GetSiteControl widgets, so let's discuss what this update means and how you can make sure your website doesn't violate Google's guidelines.

According to Google, an intrusive interstitial is a popup, banner or overlay that can interfere with the user experience on mobile devices. Simply put, Google doesn't like popups that take up most of the mobile screen.

Since some of GetSiteControl widgets fit this description, we decided we needed to provide our customers with an option that would let them comply with the guidelines on interstitials.

[NEW] Google-friendly mobile popups

While Google's official guidelines and definitions are rather vague, they do say that to comply with the guidelines, interstitials should "use a reasonable amount of screen space". Now you have the option to make your GetSiteControl widgets do just that. Simply check the option Enable unobtrusive mobile view on the Appearance tab and your popups will take no more than 30% of the screen when viewed on mobile devices. If you want to see how your widget will look like on an actual mobile device, switch to the mobile preview using the buttons under the preview window.

Important things to remember:

  • There seems to be no reason to panic even if you do use classic popups. In Google's own words, "this new signal is just one of hundreds of signals that are used in ranking. The intent of the search query is still a very strong signal, so a page may still rank highly if it has great, relevant content."
  • The update only affects popups on mobile devices, desktop popups are not affected.

If you have any questions about the new 'unobstrusive' mobile feature, feel free to contact us at

New features: Facebook Messenger and targeting by language

Posted by Ksenia Borisova on November 22nd, 2017

New features: targeting by language and Facebook Messenger

Today we would like to introduce a couple of recently released features requested by our customers. If you are subscribed to our newsletter you would have heard of these features already. If you are not yet subscribed and would like to receive email updates, click the Subscribe tab on the right.

Now, here is what's new.

Target visitors by language

We have added one more targeting option to help you show the right messages to the right audience. You can now choose to show widgets only to visitors speaking a certain language. If you have a multi-lingual website or if you know your visitors speak different languages, you can now make your widgets speak the same language as they do.