Feature overview: Responsive mobile widgets

Posted by Ksenia Borisova on October 14th, 2014

Is your website optimized for mobile devices? If yes, please read on, as we will talk of how GetSiteControl widgets behave on mobile. And if no, why not? Responsive web design seems to have become a necessity because of the huge growth in mobile traffic. More and more people every day choose to browse the Internet from their smartphones and tablets instead of their PCs, we all do so many things on the go these days. Still mobile users aren't converting at the same rate as desktop users, and the obvious reason for that is poor mobile user experience. You are very unlikely to order, buy or subscribe if you can’t click the right link because the site is not mobile friendly.

And what if your site is responsive, but you are in need of third-party tools, such as opt-in forms, surveys, contact form or social buttons. These should be responsive too, right? No problem! If you are using GetSiteControl on a responsive website your widgets will become responsive too.

Responsive contact forms and Share tools for websites

What's new: Cool animations, new widget layout and more

Posted by Ksenia Borisova on September 22nd, 2014

The recently released Survey widget was not the only feature we have been working on here at GetSiteControl. There's so much new stuff that it just did not fit into the previous post. So, today we'd like to tell you what other new features we have prepared for you.

New Slide-out layout

OK, so this name might not be final, but the layout itself is here to stay, because it can be useful for so many things. When you go to create your next widget or edit an existing one check out the two new layouts you can now choose for your widgets. They are neat forms sitting either in the bottom right or bottom left corner of the page. They are quite eye-catching but not as obtrusive as a central pop-up window might be. Your website visitors are sure to notice them, but a widget like this will not prevent them from browsing around your website. Yet they will still see your message.

The new slide-out widget layout

What’s new: Get to know your customers with the Survey widget

Posted by Ksenia Borisova on September 16th, 2014

GetSiteControl widget set has just had a super useful addition - the new Website survey widget. You can now easily conduct surveys on your website to learn what your website visitors think about your site, products or services, to better understand what they need or what difficulties they have. Knowing what your clients truly want is vital for success of any company, and there is no better way to know what someone wants than to ask them. That’s why we have decided to add surveys to GetSiteControl widget kit.

What's new: MailChimp integration, enhanced targeting and more

Posted by Ksenia Borisova on August 13th, 2014

We listen carefully to all the feedback you send to us and implement the best ideas. So today we are here to share some really cool new features we have just added.

MailChimp integration

GetSiteControl is now friends with MailChimp allowing you to sync your accounts. If you are using MailChimp to send your newsletters, just connect the two accounts and the email addresses you collect with the signup forms will automatically be exported to the mailing list of your choosing.

Stay in touch with the new Contact widget

Posted by Ksenia Borisova on July 16th, 2014

For our first blog post we have chosen some really good news - a brand new widget that will help you make your existing customers happier and gain new ones.

Our goal here at GetSiteControl is to create a set of website widgets that will be truly comprehensive, widgets that are easy to add and easy to manage. We want to create a place where a website owner can find everything they need, widget-wise. And we are making steady progress towards this challenging goal.

Today we are happy to announce the release of the new Contact form widget, the 5th in the family of GetSiteControl widgets. This useful little tool needs no introduction. It is a website contact form we are all familiar with, the one you use to collect customer feedback, receive questions, technical issues and any other types of requests. Please welcome GetSiteControl Contact:

GetSiteControl Contact widget is a free customizable contact form for your website