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Contact us form example
For optimization enthusiasts

Collect feedback
like a Pro

Sometimes you need more than a regular contact us form quietly sitting in the corner of a webpage. Use smart targeting and behavior settings to make the widget more visible on selected pages and fine-tune it using A/B tests.

Contact form used for providing technical support on a website
For established business

Provide technical support

A website contact form is the easiest way for your visitors to send a question about the products or services you offer. Each time someone leaves a message, you’ll get an email notification with an option to respond right away.

Use website contact form to allow visitors to request a callback
For service providers

Allow requesting a callback

Most people choose a callback option over calling the business just to stay on hold. That’s why instead of a contact us form, you can create a callback request form and connect with your prospects when it’s convenient for them.

An example of a contact form used to process online orders
For online entrepreneurs

Process online orders

Use customized fields and templates when creating a new form to start collecting online orders for your business. Decide what type of information you need to receive and allow customers to place orders easily – even on the mobile.

Complaint form example for your website
For any website owner

Stay connected with your audience

Integrate your GetSiteControl contact widget with the business apps you use – CRM, email marketing tool, or helpdesk software. It helps keep the entire communication process organized. Besides, you can include it to your email list building strategy.

You’re on the right track

Virginia Pierce

The "contact us" form is a convenient communication tool. We use it on CAMICB.org where we help community association managers get certified and become recognized for their knowledge. The widget has given our candidates a streamlined method to contact us with specific questions. The widget works great and we receive 3-5 submissions a day with questions about our program.

Credentialing Assistant for CAMICB
Designmodo Magazine

GetSiteControl is one of the tools I prefer when it comes to conversion optimization. It comes from a single developer, it’s cohesive, feature rich and is backed up by outstanding support.

Small Business Trends

GetSiteControl has created a solution designed to simplify the process so you can insert the right call-to-action widget at the right time.


The targeting options, combined with the behavior options, are what make GetSiteControl so powerful.

Get your contact form up and running today

GetSiteControl Fast installation process Fast installation process

We made the process of adding a contact form to your website as easy as possible. You don’t need coding skills or knowledge to do that. Simply go for a plugin if you are on WordPress or copy and paste a tiny code snippet to the code of your website using the instruction we provide you with.

GetSiteControl Appearance customization Appearance customization

You can customize the way a widget looks to match it with the style of a website and align it with your goals. Choose among 9 webpage positions, change field types, fonts, colors, and animations. No time to get creative? Use the selection of templates and just apply the colors of your website theme.

GetSiteControl Smart targeting features Smart targeting features

Adjust website contact forms based on your marketing goals. For example, you can create personalized messages for selected pages, show the widgets to the new/returning visitors only, to those who performed a certain action or met other conditions of your choice.

GetSiteControl On-page behavior settings On-page behavior settings

Set user on-page behavior as a trigger for a contact us form to be displayed. For instance, you can show it based on the amount of time a visitor has spent on a webpage, or scrolling depth – assuming that is the right moment to start the engagement.

GetSiteControl Success page Success page

Choose a scenario that happens after a visitor fills out the form. There are three options: the form can be automatically closed after being filled; a custom message can be displayed; or the prospect can be redirected to another webpage – for example, an F.A.Q section.

GetSiteControl Mobile responsiveness Mobile responsiveness

GetSiteControl contact widgets are 100% mobile-ready. If mobile visitors are included to your target audience, the contact form on your website will be adapted to small screens to use less space and provide a better user experience.

GetSiteControl Built-in autoresponder Built-in autoresponder

The autoresponder feature allows you to create a message that will be automatically emailed to those who have filled out the contact form. Use it for sending a thank you note, providing estimated response time, or sharing the content you think a prospect may benefit from.

GetSiteControl Easy A/B testing Easy A/B testing

You can split-test contact us forms to find out which one looks more enticing for users to engage with. Create up to 5 versions of a widget to see if its color, copy, animation, targeting or behavior settings affect the click-through rate.

GetSiteControl Real-time statistics Real-time statistics

Access real-time statistics based on the performance of a contact widget you’ve installed. GetSiteControl provides you with user-friendly graphs, reports and even a map showing where those who have engaged with the form are located geographically.

Website contact form that works with your
favorite tools

Install on any website platform

Install this contact form to any website, whether it's built on WordPress, Shopify, Tumblr, Squarespace, or any other platform.

Integrate with 30+ email apps

Integrate GetSiteControl with the major email marketing services and send new contacts directly to the list of subscribers according to your strategy.

Track widget performance

Track your website contact form performance using Google Analytics events and adjust your display settings based on real-time results.

Connect with 750+ web apps

Connect the widget with over 700 tools using Zapier and send the data collected by your contact us form to a CRM, helpdesk, or any other supported app.

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