Collect 4 times
more user feedback

Get yourself a stylish contact form and tailor it to your needs.
Collect feedback from your audience, process online orders
or callback requests, provide technical assistance, and more.

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Boost website conversion with popupsBoost website conversion with popupsBoost website conversion with popups

Website contact form that
aligns with your goals

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Provide —
technical support

A website contact form is the easiest way to communicate with users. Each time someone leaves a message, you get an email notification and will be able to respond directly. Want more automation? Connect it to your helpdesk!

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Collect —
feedback like a Pro

Sometimes you need more than a regular “Contact us” form quietly sitting in the corner of a webpage. Try using attention-grabbing sticky bars or panels that will launch a fullscreen form upon button click.

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Allow —
requesting a callback

Most people choose a callback option over calling the business only to stay on hold. Fine-tune just a couple of fields to get a full-featured callback request form and connect with your prospects when it’s convenient for them.

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Process —
online orders

Collecting orders through an online form helps organize your workflow. Use customized fields and templates to create a form that will suit your business, set up an autoresponder, and download orders in bulk when needed.

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Stay —
in touch with your audience

Integrate your contact form with the business apps you use – CRM, email marketing, or helpdesk software to keep track of communication in one place.

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3 ways to display forms

Based on rules and behaviour triggers

Set targeting rules using location, language, scroll depth, time on page, exit intent, and other parameters.

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Track real-time results

Get updates each time your form receives a new view, click, or submission. Access results in the dashboard or send them to another app.

Response overview
Response details
Response overview
Response overview
Response overview
Response details
Response details

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Leverage your marketing with popups

Getsitecontrol Convenient templates Convenient templates

Select a form, adjust the appearance and the copy, and activate it on your website within minutes.

Getsitecontrol Built-in autoresponder Built-in autoresponder

Add a message emailed to everyone who fills out the form. Use it to provide an ETA or encourage further actions.

Getsitecontrol Mobile responsiveness Mobile responsiveness

Your contact forms will look as professional on smartphones as they appear on large screens.

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Connect Getsitecontrol with the
software you already use

Getsitecontrol Email marketing apps Email marketing apps

Integrate Getsitecontrol with any email marketing software and send new contacts to the email list.

Getsitecontrol Google Sheets Google Sheets

Connect forms to specific spreadsheets to send the collected data to Google Sheets automatically.

Getsitecontrol Powerful webhooks Powerful webhooks

Submit data received via the form to the URL of your choice automatically with the webhooks feature.