How to set up an add to cart action

The Add to cart action is a great tool for upselling and cross-selling campaigns as it allows your customers to grab a suggested product in a few clicks.

Let’s take a closer look at how to set this up.

1. Assign the action

First of all, you need to assign the action to a button. You can do it in the Buttons section, on the Design tab.

Buttons section on the Design tab

Choose the necessary button and assign the Add to cart action.

Add to cart action

2. Choose the product variant

After clicking Add to cart, you’ll see two options: Add product variant from current page and Add custom product variant.

Add to cart options

Let’s focus on both of them.

The Add product variant from current page option will add the product from the page a customer is viewing.

Add product variant from current page option

The Add custom product variant option allows you to specify which product should be added to the customer’s cart. In this case, you can specify any other product (or products) that isn’t featured on the current page.

Add custom product variant option

Choose a product (or products) you’d like to add to the customer’s cart.

3. Choose where to redirect customers

After selecting the product type, choose where to redirect your customer.

Redirect to menu

If you want them to stay on the current page, select Do not redirect.

Quick reminder

Don’t forget to specify the necessary page (or pages) on the Targeting tab of your widget. In our guide, you can learn more about page targeting.

You can also choose one of the preset pages available.

Shopify preset pages

For instance, you can show the popup on product pages: just choose Product pages in the list and the targeting will be set automatically.

 Product pages presets

That’s it! Now you can easily upsell and cross-sell goods providing your customers a great experience with your service.

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