How to create a scroll triggered popup


  1. Open your dashboard → click Create widget → select the necessary widget type
  2. On the Appearance tab choose how the popup will look like
  3. On the Content tab enter the message to your website visitors
  4. Switch to Behavior → in the Start to display the widget section choose when the user scrolls N% down the page
  5. Select the necessary percentage (25%, 50%, 75%, etc.) → click OK to save the changes

Popups are a great way to attract your website visitors' attention, but in some cases it's not wise to show popups at once. Some messages are better shown to visitors who have already spent some time on the website and who are interested in what you offer. One solution you can use to get your message in front of your visitors at the right time is a scroll triggered popup. This popup is displayed when a visitor scrolls down a certain percentage of the page. It means that this visitor is already engaged, so you can use a popup to offer them to take further action and continue interacting with the site.

Step 1

Login to your dashboard, click the Create widget button and choose what type of widget you want to create depending on the type of message you want to show.

Click on the Create widget button to create a new widget

Step 2

Choose a position for your widget. If you want a classic centered popup click on the corresponding icon. You can also choose a more discreet slide-in that will appear in the corner of the page and attract attention to your message without blocking the page content.

How to create a scroll triggered popup

Step 3

Go to the Content tab and enter your message to website visitors (invite them to subscribe or share, offer a discount, etc.). We are not focusing on content in this guide, it will depend on the type of widget you are creating.

Then switch to the Behavior tab to configure when your popup will appear. In the Start to display the widget section choose the option when the user scrolls N% down the page and select the necessary percentage from the drop-down list (25%, 50%, 75%, etc.) If you choose 100% the popup will be shown when a visitor reaches the bottom of the page.

How to create a scroll triggered popup

Now you can click OK to save your widget. When you are ready to publish it on your website activate it and it will go live at once.

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