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Increase website conversion rates with targeted popups. Use behavior triggers to capture your audience from the get-go, maintain engagement, and prevent visitors from leaving too soon.

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Boost website conversion with widgets

Proven tactics to increase website
conversion rate

Announce —
flash sales

Sales are the best time to increase website conversion rate, and popups will help you ensure every visitor is aware of your special deals. Place floating bars sitewide to announce time-limited offers and use scarcity to encourage people to act fast.

Convert —
abandoning visitors

Exit popups have the power to stop people from leaving a webpage and lower shopping cart abandonment. Use them to offer irresistible discounts for immediate purchase or entice visitors to sign up before exiting to at least have them on your list.

Reduce —
bounce rate

The speed consumers surf the Internet these days implies you should grab their attention fast. Use welcome popups to display unique selling propositions, current or upcoming deals as soon as they arrive at the landing page.

Display —
targeted offers

Personalization increases website conversion rate like no other tactic can. Craft targeted calls-to-action based on the resource your visitors come from, their location, the language they speak, or the page they’re currently browsing.

Grow —
an email list

Having a community of engaged subscribers is probably the most effective way to drive sales and create retention. Convert your website visitors into repetitive customers using opt-in popups integrated with your email marketing software.

Add a live chat to your website in minutes

The promo widget resulted in instant sales of my custom marathon medal racks! I sold six racks on the very first day. Prior to that, I had only sold a few from my online store page.

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Bill Watts
Founder of WattsRunning

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to boost website conversions

Getsitecontrol Customizable templates Customizable templates

Sift through the gallery of 100+ templates created by a team of professional designers, adjust the copy and publish widgets within minutes.

Getsitecontrol Visitor behavior triggers Visitor behavior triggers

Use welcome offers, delayed and exit-intent popups to catch your visitors’ attention at the right moment and display a personalized CTA.

Getsitecontrol Intuitive analytics Intuitive analytics

Run A/B tests to find out which copy or creative helps you increase website conversion rates, receive real-time stats and make data-driven decisions.

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Connect Getsitecontrol widgets
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Getsitecontrol Zapier cloud solutions Zapier cloud solutions

Zapier platform allows for easily connecting Getsitecontrol widgets to over 1000 cloud business applications.

Getsitecontrol Google Analytics Google Analytics

You’ll be able to use the Events report in Google Analytics to see how well widgets perform on your website.

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