Mobile view

GetSiteControl widgets are a great solution for your responsive website because they adapt to the screen size of smartphones and tablets together with your website. The widgets will automatically switch to the responsive view featuring big navigation buttons, clear design and a simple interface to provide a better mobile user experience to your website visitors.

Responsive design

When viewed on mobile screens your widgets are displayed as a neat touch-friendly button in the lower right corner of the screen allowing to keep the page clean and clutter-free. A tap on the button opens a compact menu with the list of all your website widgets and each widget is displayed as a popup optimized for mobile.

GetSiteControl mobile widgets

Responsive surveys, opt-in boxes, contact forms, promo messages, follow and share social widgets are all optimized to fit smaller smartphone screens making it easy for your mobile visitors to interact with the website.

When there is only one widget on a page it will appear as a bigger floating button in the lower right corner of the screen.

GetSiteControl single mobile widget

Control panel

You can see how your widgets will look like on mobile devices right from your dashboard.

Mobile widgets preview in Control Panel

GetSiteControl responsive widgets are designed specifically for smaller screens allowing you to offer a great mobile experience to your website visitors and get more subscribers, survey responses, conversions, comments, shares and likes as a result.