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If you have a Shopify store, popups are your best friends. Use them to promote coupons, collect emails, prevent cart abandonment, survey visitors, upsell and cross-sell products.

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Promote —
special deals

Popups guarantee your CTA won’t go unnoticed. Let people apply coupons upon a button click, use dynamic text to personalize your offers, and target shoppers in real-time based on what they’re buying.

Reduce —
cart abandonment

Use exit-intent popups to stop abandoning customers. Offer discounts and gifts to incentivize a purchase or invite them to join your list and stay connected. Wondering why so many leave without purchasing?

Grow —
email list

Popups make it easy to collect emails without ruining shopping experience. Display beautiful email signup forms at the right moment and encourage people to join your list in exchange for a discount or a gift.

Cross-sell —

Sell additional products to your customers based on the items they’ve selected. Use popups to recommend complementary, supplementary, or related items and allow for adding them to cart upon a button click.

Upsell —

Use custom popups to increase your average order value. Suggest product upgrades, offer gift wrapping, or gifts with orders of a certain amount. Upsell products in your Shopify store before, during, and after checkout.

Reinvent —
free shipping bar

Why settle for a plain, boring sticky bar? Getsitecontrol allows you to design custom shipping bars that work as sales boosters. Go for a unique design, use dynamic text to display customers’ locations.

Survey —
your key customers

Find out what your customers think and want with pop-up surveys. Ask repetitive customers what they love about your store; ask abandoning visitors why they’re leaving; ask first-time visitors how they’ve found you.

3 ways to trigger popups on Shopify

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Pre-designed Shopify
popups, ready to deliver

Getsitecontrol Modern templates Modern templates

Find hundreds of carefully designed popups for Shopify. Choose between the trending black and classic white themes — or create your own design.

Getsitecontrol Mobile-friendly popups Mobile-friendly popups

Convert mobile audience and keep them engaged. Getsitecontrol popups easily adapt to smaller screens and maintain impeccable shopping experience.

Getsitecontrol Personalized CTAs Personalized CTAs

Use dynamic text to display personalized calls to action. Feature your customers’ locations, names, cart items, and other insights collected during the visit.

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Essential software integrations

Getsitecontrol Shopify customers Shopify customers

Connect popups to Shopify customer list and update their profiles based on the history of interactions.

Getsitecontrol Email marketing apps Email marketing apps

Connect Klaviyo or any other email marketing software and add new subscribers directly to the chosen list.

Getsitecontrol Google Sheets Google Sheets

Connect pop-up forms to your Google Sheets and send collected data to the file of your choice.