Customer service feedback survey: how to create one for your website and what questions to ask

Customer service feedback survey: how to create one for your website and what questions to ask
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If your business is customer-oriented, it’s utterly important to keep abreast of how your clients are satisfied with the support you offer. And a customer service feedback survey is probably the best approach you can take. It will help you find out what your support team is doing well and what can be improved. Most importantly, it shows your customers that you care about what they think.

In this guide, we will

  • Show you how to add a customer service feedback survey to your website quickly and easily using GetSiteControl
  • Give you a few question examples you should ask to get meaningful insights
  • Share 3 tips on how to make your customer service feedback survey informative and diverse without tiring your clients

Without further ado, let’s start with the types of questions that will bring you the most value in the short term.

# 1 Use “yes or no” questions to gain instant insights

Customer service satisfaction survey: a “yes or no” questio

Simple and short “Yes or No” questions are indispensable in a customer service feedback survey. They are easy to answer and the answers are easy to analyze. You can use such questions to get a general idea about some most essential aspects: for example, how your service team is performing on average. However, since a poll like this doesn’t provide any details, you should probably follow it up with further questions or a field for comments.

# 2 Use a scale to measure overall customer satisfaction

Customer service satisfaction survey: a star rating question with a comment field below

Rating is the most convenient question type for measuring customers’ satisfaction. First of all, it can relate to almost any interaction of a customer with your service team.

Besides, it can be especially useful if you want to find out how your customers’ approval changes with the course of time. If the score shifts notably, it’ll be quite easy to notice, and you’ll be able to find out what does or does not go over well — and make the necessary changes in your service team scenarios.

# 3 Use multiple answer questions to focus on individual aspects

Customer service satisfaction survey: a multiple choice question

When you run a customer service satisfaction survey, general questions are great for starters, but they won't help you with detailed analysis. That's where multiple answer questions come in handy.

Using multi-page surveys you'll be able to get a more in-depth evaluation. On each page, you can ask customers to evaluate the proficiency, the ability to listen, and the speed of your support team — on a scale from 1 to 5. Thus, you'll have a detailed breakdown on the key performance aspects.

# 4 Use open-ended questions to hear the customers’ voice

Customer service satisfaction survey: an open-ended question

One of the best practices for customer service satisfaction surveys is finishing them with open-ended questions. This allows your customers to address the issues that were not mentioned in the previous steps of the survey. Moreover, it shows them that you care enough to hear their voice and encourage them to be honest and straightforward. That’s where you may gain some insights you wouldn't have thought of otherwise.

Tips for making an effective customer service feedback survey

Don’t ask too many questions

You may think that it’s necessary to cover all aspects of customer service in one survey, but an excessive number of questions may result in your customers abandoning the survey halfway.

Don’t get biased

Even if you are sure that your customer service is exceptional, your clients may not quite agree with you. Try to avoid using too many adjectives and phrasing the questions that may be described as leading.

For example, it’s better not to ask “What our customer service team was especially good at?”. Instead, ask a focused question about particular/specific aspects of your customer service, such as:

  • How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the performance of our customer service representatives?
  • About how long did it take to address your question?
  • How well did our representatives understand your question?
  • How many times did you have to contact our customer service before the problem was resolved?

Combine different question types in one survey

To get a full picture of your clients’ interaction with your team, consider including various questions in your form. This should help you look at the service you offer from different perspectives.

Make sure only the right audience will see it

It’s important to make such a survey available only to the customers who have already interacted with your service team. We’d recommend the following method: publish your survey on a specific page using GetSiteControl targeting settings. After each interaction, your service team representatives will be able to send the survey page link over to customers via email, chat, or any other channel you use to offer support.

How to create a customer service feedback survey for your site

  1. Open your GetSiteControl dashboard
  2. Click Create widget and choose Survey from the list
  3. On the Appearance tab, choose a color and a position for your widget
  4. On the Content tab, click the Add question button to add the questions of the necessary type
  5. Save the changes and activate the widget
  6. After some time, you can download survey responses using the Download responses button on the widget

Based on your goals, you can choose to include single-answer multiple choice questions, open-ended questions, and a few other field types:

  • multiple-answer questions
  • dropdown lists
  • checkboxes
  • star rating scales
  • email capture field

GetSiteControl survey forms are highly customizable, so you always can create a unique questionnaire that will suit your site perfectly. By the way, if you are interested in creating a website exit survey or customer satisfaction questionnaire, GetSiteControl forms will also come in handy.

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