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Use the power of popups on your website. Create eye-catching lightboxes, floating bars, tabs, and slide-ins to deliver your message without ruining user experience.

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Announce —
special offers

Website popups are the most efficient way to announce flash sales, display targeted coupons codes, and increase conversions. Just add a magnetic call-to-action and lead visitors to a landing page where you collect signups, purchases, or downloads.

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Prevent —
page abandonment

With the exit-intent technology, you can display a popup right before a visitor leaves a webpage. Take this opportunity to show an irresistible offer and convert those who were about to exit. Use targeting settings to show CTAs on select pages.

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Drive traffic —
to new content

Promote your recently published content, the posts you want to get more attention, or the most popular articles with popups. Place a sitewide floating bar notifying about a new piece or create page-specific popups inviting to read relevant content.

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Display —
a cookie banner

Create an attention-grabbing banner to display a cookie consent notification to your visitors. Consider using slide-ins or top and bottom slicky bars if you think a modal website popup will take over too much space and disrupt visitors experience.

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Inform —
users about updates

Popup widgets are the ultimate solution for notifying your audience about any upcoming or ongoing updates. Use them to announce a webinar, a new product, planned website maintenance, new terms, and anything else deserving attention.

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3 ways to display widgets

On your website – based on rules & behavior triggers

Set targeting rules using location, language, scroll depth, time on page, exit intent, and other parameters.

On your website – upon click on widget’s button or background

Launch widgets based on the way visitors interact with your other widgets.

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Getsitecontrol Professional-level templates Professional-level templates

Make use of pre-designed professional popups from the large gallery to save time and focus on the call-to-action.

Getsitecontrol Mobile-friendly popups Mobile-friendly popups

Your website popups will look as professional on smartphones as they appear on large screens.

Getsitecontrol Flexible targeting Flexible targeting

Target specific audience based on their characteristics and the actions they take on your website.

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Getsitecontrol Google Analytics Google Analytics

See how many times widgets have been shown, closed, and clicked on in your Google Analytics dashboard.

Getsitecontrol Google Sheets Google Sheets

Connect widgets to specific spreadsheets to send the collected data to Google Sheets automatically.

Getsitecontrol Google Tag Manager Google Tag Manager

Link your site to Getsitecontrol and allow you to create and edit widgets with the results being applied in real time.