A must-have WordPress live chat
plugin to grow your business

Add a neat undistracting chat widget sitewide or to the selected pages. Use the seamless online-to-offline conversation feature to ensure your prospects can always reach you.

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You’re on the right track

Kori Ashton

I was able to plug this in and have it up and running in just a few moments. No tricky API key, no coding at all. They even dynamically import all of your color settings so that the popups are easy to customize. Very impressed and highly recommended!

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With a WordPress live chat,
your team can achieve more

Contact form plugin to be used for customer support of WordPress websites

Keep customers happy

Businesses offering live chat support have a great advantage because 70% of online consumers find this communication channel the most satisfying. It solves problems faster, feels personal, and unlike phone calls or email – allows for multitasking. You can get this advantage within minutes with WordPress live chat plugin. Display it on the most important pages, optimize its appearance, and let prospects contact you from desktop or mobile devices.

Using a WordPress contact form as a feedback widget

Always stay reachable

Offering timely assistance is one way to maintain customer loyalty and convert prospects into new clients. That’s why our WordPress live chat plugin includes behavior triggers and a seamless conversation feature. The former allows you to display chat widget based on the visitors’ actions on a website: time spent, scroll depth, exit-intent. The latter helps you continue conversations via email and maintain the thread even if a prospect goes offline.

Add a customizable contact form to your WordPress website

Cut support expenses

A live chat widget can help you cut the expenses on customer support, while GetSiteControl feature-set allows you to optimize the process of providing it. Integrate the plugin with Slack and respond to incoming queries right from the mobile app even on the go, assign messages to your team members with a couple of clicks, have multiple operators scheduled and continue collecting queries even when no one is available online.

Set up your WordPress live chat plugin

GetSiteControl contact widget plugin available in WordPress plugin repository

Easy no-code installation

GetSiteControl is a cloud app that brings multiple widgets to help you increase user engagement on a website. So, in addition to the live chat, you’ll get contact buttons, online surveys, CTA popups, and email subscription forms. Simply create a GetSiteControl account and install the dedicated plugin to connect it to your website. Then choose to create a new live chat widget, adjust its appearance and type a welcome message. Your WordPress live chat will be up and running within minutes.

Install GetSiteControl plugin

Here is what comes with the package

GetSiteControl Live chat customization Live chat customization

This WordPress live chat plugin can be adjusted to match the style of your website. Choose its position on a webpage: left- or right-side tab or button; apply your website’s color theme or pick the colors, fonts, and animation from the gallery.

GetSiteControl Online-to-offline conversation Online-to-offline conversation

“Seamless conversation” is one of the most popular features of GetSiteControl chat. It enables you to continue the conversation via email keeping the original thread order even if a website visitor goes offline in the middle of a session.

GetSiteControl Integration with Slack Integration with Slack

Connecting your WordPress live chat with Slack will optimize your customer support routine. It allows for easily assigning queries to team members and responding even on the go right from your mobile Slack account.

GetSiteControl Mobile-friendly chat widget Mobile-friendly chat widget

GetSiteControl widgets are designed with great user experience in mind. The chat-with-us tab automatically adapts to the size of mobile screens, features an eye-catching CTA and opens a responsive chat window when clicked on.

GetSiteControl Operators & offline status Operators & offline status

Whether your team is big or small, available on a schedule or 24/7, you’ll find the right setup. Add multiple chat operators, get notified about each new unanswered conversation via email, and set a message for when the team is offline.

GetSiteControl Schedule & behavior triggers Schedule & behavior triggers

Some website owners don’t want to display the chat tab at all times. So you can create a schedule for when exactly the widget should be available, plus define whether to show it right away or after a visitor spends some time on a webpage.

GetSiteControl Detailed audience targeting Detailed audience targeting

To optimize user engagement, you can try the audience targeting feature. Decide whether you want to display it to new, returning visitors, or everyone. Adjust the CTA based on the page, visitors’ location, language, device, and other parameters.

GetSiteControl A/B testing A/B testing

Split testing is another great way to optimize live chat performance. Create up to 5 versions of this widget featuring different colors, calls-to-action, welcome messages, behavior triggers or placement to see which factors affect the engagement level.

GetSiteControl Live chat analytics Live chat analytics

At a glance, you can see how actively visitors engage in conversations and where they are located. Default reports show you how long the widget has been active, how many times it has been seen and how many times it has been interacted with.

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