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Boost website conversion with widgets

A set of handy website widgets

Email opt-in form to increase sales for eCommerce storesSee live preview →

Entice —
people to subscribe

Create an email form that doesn’t annoy your visitors. It will appear when they are ready to sign up and help you build an audience willing to hear from you.

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Subscription form to help publishers grow loyal audienceSee live preview →

Know —
your audience better

Conduct website surveys that bring meaningful data. It’s a perfect way to understand your customers’ needs and their opinion about the product.

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Signup widget offering a lead magnet in exchange for an email addressSee live preview →

Announce —
deals, news, and posts

Use eye-catching website widgets to deliver your calls-to-action. Set up triggers based on user behavior to create personalized messages and optimize conversions.

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Exit-intent email pop-up to prevent webpage abandonmentSee live preview →

Encourage —
on-site communication

Create a perfect contact form for your business. It can serve for collecting feedback, callback requests, online orders, or questions from your prospects.

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Getsitecontrol email pop-up for efficient lead generationSee live preview →

Boost —
website conversions

Place targeted popups, slide-ins, and floating bars on the most important pages of your marketing funnel. Craft compelling copy and inspire visitors to take the action you want them to take.

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3 ways to display widgets

On your website – based on rules & behavior triggers

Set targeting rules using location, language, scroll depth, time on page, exit intent, and other parameters.

On your website – upon click on widget’s button or background

Launch widgets based on the way visitors interact with your other widgets.

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Getsitecontrol Email marketing apps Email marketing apps

Choose among 30+ email marketing software integrations and send new contacts directly to the list.

Getsitecontrol Google Sheets Google Sheets

Connect widgets to specific spreadsheets to send the collected data to Google Sheets automatically.

Getsitecontrol Powerful webhooks Powerful webhooks

Receive data submitted through your widgets in real-time and get it posted to a URL of your choice automatically.

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