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Getsitecontrol Handcrafted templates Handcrafted templates

Easily create customizable widgets that will perfectly match the design of your website and help you achieve a wide variety of marketing goals.

Getsitecontrol Branding-free popups Branding-free popups

Build one-of-a-kind widgets for your website and never worry about Getsitecontrol logo or branding signage being added to them

Getsitecontrol Mobile responsiveness Mobile responsiveness

Adjust widget appearance for various mobile devices manually and make sure your message looks clear and coherent on smaller screens.

Getsitecontrol CSS editor CSS editor

Benefit from the built-in CSS editor to tailor the design of your popups. Use it to change text and color parameters, animation type, and page position.

Getsitecontrol Multipage widgets Multipage widgets

Create multipage surveys, contact and application forms with various field types to fit a full-featured questionnaire into a compact widget.

Getsitecontrol Form success message Form success message

Choose how often website visitors should see selected widgets and when to stop displaying them: after a certain time period or after the intended action is taken.

Getsitecontrol Audience targeting Audience targeting

Choose who should see each widget using a set of targeting parameters including country, device, browser, OS, traffic source, IP, UTM and more.

Getsitecontrol On-page behavior triggers On-page behavior triggers

Set up widgets to appear based on the on-page behavior of a visitor: choose among entry popups, time-delayed, scroll-based, and exit-intent widgets.

Getsitecontrol Exit-intent popups Exit-intent popups

Stop visitors from leaving your website with a message shown just before they exit: offer a discount, suggest subscribing or completing a survey.

Getsitecontrol Seamless integrations Seamless integrations

Connect Getsitecontrol to Google Analytics, integrate forms with your email marketing software or any other cloud app from the Zapier library.

Getsitecontrol Autoresponder Autoresponder

Send an automatic email to new subscribers or those who have filled out a form on your website to welcome them, offer a bonus or suggest further actions.

Getsitecontrol A/B testing A/B testing

Run several versions of a widget simultaneously and let your website visitors decide which creative, CTA and copy combination is the most efficient.

Frequently asked questions

How does free trial work?

Once you sign up, your full-featured 7-day trial period starts. There is no commitment or credit card required: you can stop using Getsitecontrol at any time. There’s also no widget views or functionality limitations: you get to try all the features available. The trial week is for you to become familiar with the service and see how it works for your website.

What happens when trial is over?

All the widgets you’ve created and all the data you’ve collected will stay intact: you’ll still have access to your account. However, the widgets will stop being displayed on your website once the trial is over. When you decide to reactivate them, you’ll be able to choose the right plan based on the number of views widgets received during the trial period.

Will I need a developer?

No, you won’t. Getsitecontrol is a user-friendly no-code solution that doesn’t require any special knowledge or experience. You should be able to figure it out within minutes. If you have any questions, however, feel free to reach out at support@getsitecontrol.com and we’ll help you.

How are widget views counted?

A unique widget view occurs each time a widget is displayed. The total number of views will vary based on how many visitors your website receives monthly. To help you keep things under control, we provide real-time statistics on widget performance, so you can adjust display settings if needed.

What happens if my widgets reach the views limit?

When the number of views approaches the limit allowed on your plan, widgets will start receiving fewer views to stay within the limits. In other words, a smaller percentage of your website visitors will see them. When the number of views gets lower, your widgets will become visible to all the visitors again.

How many widgets can I create?

As many as you wish. There are no limitations on the number of widgets you can create and publish on your website. That includes multiple widgets of the same type, i.e. several email subscription forms, various announcement popups, and so on.

Can I cancel or change my subscription?

Absolutely. There is no commitment, so if you change your mind, you can cancel your subscription anytime. If you need to change your current plan, you can do that too. Add extra sites, switch between plans or monthly and annual billing – any unused balance will be carried over to future billing periods.

Can I use Getsitecontrol on my clients’ websites?

Of course. Feel free to use Getsitecontrol on the websites you are building or managing for your clients. You can easily manage multiple websites under one account.

Do you offer discounts?

We do! If you purchase our annual subscription, you’ll save 20%. In other words, you get 2 months for free when you choose an annual subscription instead of paying on a monthly basis.

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