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Popups, emails, automations.

Drive sales with popups, email marketing & automations. Engage visitors, send beautiful emails, and launch workflows.

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Grow your email list

Create beautiful pop-up or inline forms, display them at the right moment, and generate subscribers effortlessly.

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  • Template gallery

    Explore professionally designed email forms, promo popups, and surveys.

  • Targeting

    Decide when and where you want to display your form or a call-to-action.

  • Form submission

    Set up follow-up automations to deliver incentives and tag contacts.



Send email campaigns

Send professional-looking emails to promote sales, new products, collections, back-in-stock items, and updates.

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  • Email editor

    Craft distinct, professional-looking emails using a built-in email editor.

  • Template gallery

    Get started faster with a dozen of pre-designed email templates.

  • AI assistant

    Generate text for your emails from scratch or refine your own copy.



Automate email workflows

Tag your subscribers and send emails automatically, using triggers and conditions of your choice.

  • Form submission

    Contacts enter this workflow after submitting their email.

  • Email link click

    Contacts enter this workflow by clicking through an email.

  • Webhook

    Contacts enter this workflow upon a POST HTTP request.

  • New subscriber

    Contacts enter this workflow after joining your list.

  • Order payment

    A contact enter this workflow after placing an order.

  • Checkout abandonment

    Contacts enter this workflow after leaving the checkout process.


  • Conditions

    Set conditions using tags, segments, and other contact parameters.

  • Actions

    Shape your automations with emails, tags, delays, and reusable sequences.

  • Statistics

    Access intuitive reports on your automation performance.



Manage your contacts

View conversion path and interaction history of each contact; filter them by tags, received emails, and other parameters.

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  • Easy import

    Import your email list via a CSV file, or directly from Mailchimp or Shopify.

  • Segmentation

    Group your contacts into segments to send personalized emails.

  • Tagging

    Tag your contacts via automations, upon signup, or manually.


Put your email marketing on autopilot Put your email marketing on autopilot Put your email marketing on autopilot Put your email marketing on autopilot

Put your email marketing on autopilot Put your email marketing on autopilot Put your email marketing on autopilot Put your email marketing on autopilot

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