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Simple yet functional chat widget for your
team to be always-on

Use a live chat on your website to offer your customers technical support
For growing businesses

Provide technical support

Offering excellent technical support should be a part of your marketing strategy because it’s one of the drivers for customer retention. With instant notifications, Slack integration, and multiple operators you get everything to provide high-quality support when it’s needed.

Live chat widgets are proven to increase sales
For online retailers

Improve sales performance

Setting up a live chat for your website will help you increase sales. Not only a chat is efficient for handling objections, but it also ensures faster reaction. And as you probably know, the faster your prospects are responded – the more likely they are to become customers.

A simple chat box on a website can contribute to customer satisfaction
For service providers

Increase customer satisfaction

Consumers tend to prefer a live chat conversation over writing an email or making a phone call. Chats save time, they feel more personal, they allow multitasking, and according to reports, they provide the highest satisfaction rate. Need we give you more reasons to add one to your website?

A live chat widget is a way to reduce expenses on customer support
For small business owners

Cut support expenses

Having a chat widget may even help you cut the cost of an average customer interaction. Unlike call center agents, live chat operators can be working with several customers simultaneously. On top of that, Slack integration allows for using any device for responding to queries even on the go.

GetSiteControl live chat offers a seamless communication feature
For any website owner

Keep communication seamless

Your website visitors will be able to reach you from their desktop and mobile devices. And even if one unexpectedly goes offline, you can continue the conversation via email conveniently keeping the message thread in order.

You’re on the right track

Kern River Outfitters

The conversion rate for getting an email sign up was 2.26%. This beat out the other pop up plugins we tested by 23%. From the emails collected, 71 became customers with over 100% of them booking more than one space. The cost of GetSiteControl was more than paid for by the first conversion.

One of the Best Adventure Companies on Earth according to National Geographic
Designmodo Magazine

GetSiteControl is one of the tools I prefer when it comes to conversion optimization. It comes from a single developer, it’s cohesive, feature rich and is backed up by outstanding support.

Small Business Trends

GetSiteControl has created a solution designed to simplify the process so you can insert the right call-to-action widget at the right time.


The targeting options, combined with the behavior options, are what make GetSiteControl so powerful.

Customizable live chat for any website

GetSiteControl Instant setup Instant setup

GetSiteControl provides the fastest and the easiest way to add a live chat to a website. It requires zero coding knowledge or experience. Simply copy and paste a line of code into the page you want to display the widgets on. Or install the plugin if you’re on WordPress.

GetSiteControl Appearance customization Appearance customization

You can choose one of the four webpage positions for the live chat button to appear on desktop and mobile devices. Adjust font, animation, and the color theme to match your website style. Add a name and a photo for each operator.

GetSiteControl Seamless conversation Seamless conversation

Keep your conversations going seamlessly even if a website visitor leaves the website. Your replies will be sent to offline users via the email address they provide prior to the conversation, and all the messages will be kept in the same thread.

GetSiteControl Behavior triggers Behavior triggers

Decide what the best moment for offering a live chat is and display the widget based on user on-page behavior. For instance, you can choose to start and stop showing the chat widget based on the depth of scrolling, the amount of time spent, or even exit-intent.

GetSiteControl Smart targeting Smart targeting

You may want to provide live chat support on certain pages only – you may even have different operators responding on different pages. Target new and returning visitors, as well as users based on their country, device, traffic source, UTM parameters, and more.

GetSiteControl A/B testing A/B testing

Optimize live chat performance on a website by running A/B tests with up to 5 widget variations. See how colors, calls-to-action, or on-page behavior triggers change the level of engagement from your prospects and customers.

GetSiteControl Integration with Slack Integration with Slack

You don’t have to be always logged in to GetSiteControl dashboard or even stay on the same device to respond to messages. Just connect the widget to Slack and manage conversations with your website visitors right from its desktop app or the mobile app when you’re on the go.

GetSiteControl Mobile responsiveness Mobile responsiveness

GetSiteControl live chat is mobile-friendly and perfectly responsive on smaller screens. It will appear in a form of a noticeable but unobtrusive button and provide a convenient way to contact you from any device.

GetSiteControl Detailed analytics Detailed analytics

There are two ways to analyze live chat performance on your website. You can integrate it with Google Analytics and track GetSiteControl events there, or you can view and download reports for up to 90 days of widget performance right from the dashboard.

Integrate chat widget with other tools you use

Install on any website platform

GetSiteControl works on any platform without coding involved. Add a live chat to your website, whether you’re using WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace or any other builder.

Connect with Slack

Connect live chat to your Slack account to manage conversations right from its dashboard and continue responding to the queries on the go.

Track widget performance

Integrate your account with Google Analytics and track widget performance in the Events section to see how many times it has been viewed and interacted with.

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