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Add live chat to your website to talk to customers and prospects in real-time

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Instant feedback

Invite your website visitors to quickly and conveniently share feedback and suggestions to better understand their needs.

Better customer service

Answer questions from website visitors instantly to increase trust for your company and win more customers.

Easy one-time installation

Add a code snippet to your website once and then create and edit widgets from your dashboard without any changes to the code.


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Slack logo integration

Connect your Chat widget to Slack and chat with your customers on the go!

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How to chat with customers from Slack

Chat widget features

Seamless conversations

Keep conversations going seamlessly when visitors leave. Have your replies sent to offline users by email while keeping all the messages in the same thread.

Slack integration

Connect your Chat widget to Slack and manage live chat conversations with your website visitors right from the Slack dashboard, desktop app or mobile app.


Target visitors by country, device, browser, OS, traffic source, IP or UTM parameters, target new or returning visitors. Show widgets on selected pages only.

Smart triggers

Have full control over your widget's behavior, choose to start and stop widgets based on scrolling, after a set amount of time, on a certain date or day of the week.

Mobile responsive

Offer your website visitors better mobile user experience with widgets that are responsive and mobile-ready.

Google Analytics

Easily integrate GetSiteControl events with Google Analytics or download reports on widget performance from the dashboard.