How to download the data collected by your widgets

For every widget that collects some information from website visitors — an opt-in form, a contact form, a survey — you can download the data at any time.

Here’s how to proceed: sign in to your dashboard, find the necessary widget on the list and click the Statistics button.

Widget in a Getsitecontrol dashboard with the highlighted Statistics button

Switch to Responses and click the Download responses button.

Statistics section with the highlighted Download responses button

Your list of subscribers/contact messages/survey replies will be downloaded as a comma-separated values (CSV) UTF 8 encoded file. To open it, you can use any standard app for spreadsheets, such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or Numbers.

This spreadsheet will contain the information from all the fields of your widgets, as well as some extra details: date, page, country, state/region, city, device, OS and browser.

When importing a CSV file to your application, choose a comma as a field separator and a double-quote symbol (‘’) as a text delimiter.

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