How to add users and manage their access rights

You can invite your team members to collaborate on widgets you create in your Getsitecontrol account. Whether you want to ask developers to polish up CSS of your forms, invite content writers to compose a widget copy, or involve marketing specialist in settings up targeting settings, you can do it in just a few clicks.

Here is how you can add a new team member to your Getsitecontrol account.

1. Find the Users tab

Sign in to your Getsitecontrol account. In the top bar, find the Users section and open it.

Users section in Getsitecontrol dashboard

2. Adding a new user

This is the list of your account users. Click the +Add extra user button.

Users section in Getsitecontrol dashboard

If you haven’t changed your subscription plan before adding a new user, you’ll be asked to make the changes on this step.

Enter the new user's name and email and password. The user will be able to change these details later.

Modal window for adding user’s name and email

3. Manage access rights

Next, you will be offered to set user access rights. Here you can choose what websites this user will have access to. Click on +Add access to site. If there is more than one website in your account, choose the necessary one from the list.

Providing access to websites in the Getsitecontrol account

By providing access to the site, you are allowing the user to view, create and edit all the widgets for this site, as well as change the site settings. Once the site is selected, click the Next button.

Next button on the modal window for providing access to sites

To join your team, the user will need to follow the instructions received with the confirmation email. You can add a personal note to it on the next step. After that, click the Add user button to send the confirmation email.

Text of the confirmation email and the Add user button

That's it! The new user has been added. Once they accept your invitation, they will be able to log in to your Getsitecontrol account and manage widgets in it.

You can always check the list of existing users in the Users section. Here you also can change their permissions, temporarily deactivate, or permanently delete them.

Deleting and deactivating users

To deactivate the user, find them on the list and click the button to the left of their name. Then choose Deactivate from the dropdown list. You’ll be able to activate the user later.

Deactivating the user in the Users section

To permanently delete the user, click the recycle bin icon to the right of their name.

Deleting the user in the Users section

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