How to install widgets
on BigCommerce

How to install widgets 
on BigCommerce

Getsitecontrol is a user-friendly popup builder that comes with a nifty email marketing feature.

Once connected to your BigCommerce store, the platform allows you to create and publish stylish widgets on your website:

  • email opt-in forms
  • promos with coupon codes
  • cart abandonment widgets
  • announcement bars
  • multi-page surveys
  • & more

Also, when you collect email addresses with Getsitecontrol forms, you can send professional follow-up emails to your subscribers:

Follow-up email template by Getsitecontrol

To install Getsitecontrol on your BigCommerce store, you need to add a unique piece of code (script) to the code of your website. You’ll then be able to create and edit widgets from the dashboard with the results being applied in real time on your website. You’ll only need to add the code once.

Here’s how to install Getsitecontrol on a website built with BigCommerce.

1. Sign in to Getsitecontrol

Sign in to your Getsitecontrol account and find the All widgets tab on the left-side menu.

The ‘All widgets’ section in the Getsitecontrol dashboard

2. Copy the code

Click the Install code button at the top of the page:

The red ‘Install code’ button

Next, copy the script from the tooltip popup by clicking the Copy to clipboard button:

Clicking the ‘Copy to clipboard’ button

If you can’t see the Install code button in the All widgets tab, open the Sites section of your dashboard.

Opening the ‘Sites’ section

The Install code button will be next to your website:

The ‘Install code’ button in the ‘Sites’ section

Once you’ve copied the script, it’s time to add it to your BigCommerce store.

3. Add the script to your site code

Log in to your BigCommerce dashboard and choose Storefront from the side menu.

The ‘Storefront’ section in the side menu

Next, open the Script Manager section and click Create a Script.

The ‘Script Manager’ section and ‘Create a Script’ button

Choose a name for the script to be able to easily find it later (e.g. 'Getsitecontrol' or 'Getsitecontrol widgets'). The Description field is optional, so you can leave it blank:

Adding a name for the script

Choose Footer under ‘Location on page’ and All pages under ‘Select pages where script will be added’, unless you want to display widgets on specific pages of the website only.

Selecting the location on the page and the pages to add the script to

Select Essential under ‘Script category’ and Script under ‘Script type’.

Paste the code you copied from your Getsitecontrol dashboard into the corresponding field and click Save.

Selecting script category and script type

That’s it! Now you can go back to your Getsitecontrol dashboard and create widgets for your BigCommerce store.

❗ If you’ve followed the steps above but continue seeing the ‘Code snippet is not installed’ message in your Getsitecontrol dashboard, chances are the system just needs more time to verify the code.

The error message doesn’t affect the functioning of the platform in any way, and as soon as you create and publish your first widget, the message will disappear on its own.

If you don’t see widgets on your website even after installing the code and activating them, please contact our Tech Support team.

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