How to install Getsitecontrol on Shopify

How to install Getsitecontrol on Shopify

Getsitecontrol has a dedicated Shopify app, so it's very easy to start using it on Shopify.

Once you install the app, it will link your store to Getsitecontrol. This will allow you to create and edit widgets from the Getsitecontrol dashboard with the results applied in real time to your store.

The app needs to be installed only once.

Here’s how to install Getsitecontrol on a Shopify store.

1. Install the app on your store

Log in to your Shopify dashboard and go to the Shopify App Store. Find the Getsitecontrol app (it’s called Email Pop Ups & Coupon Popups by Getsitecontrol) and click the ‘Add app’ button.

Getsitecontrol app in a Shopify app store

2. Connect your store to Getsitecontrol

Confirm that you want to connect your Shopify store to Getsitecontrol by clicking on ‘Install app’.

Shopify confirm app installation page

Proceed to pick a plan to start the trial.

Choosing a plan

Choose a suitable plan based on your monthly visits and the features you're planning to use. Find a more detailed feature overview here, and keep in mind that you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any moment.

Next, confirm the subscription by clicking ‘Approve’ in your Shopify dashboard to proceed.

Approving the subscription

That’s all you need to do. The app is now correctly installed on your store. You can open it from the ‘Apps’ section of your Shopify dashboard:

Opening the Getsitecontrol app from the Shopify dashboard

Here’s what the Getsitecontrol dashboard looks like when you open it:

The Getsitecontrol dashboard

You can now start creating and publishing widgets on your store directly from the Getsitecontrol app. The widgets you create will be displayed in the store once you activate them.

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