How to install Getsitecontrol on Wix

How to install Getsitecontrol on Wix

Getsitecontrol is an intuitive popup-building and email marketing platform created with non-techies in mind.

The Getsitecontrol Wix app will help you install and use Getsitecontrol on your site with no effort.

Our Wix app will connect your site to Getsitecontrol and allow you to create and edit the widgets from the Getsitecontrol dashboard. The changes will be applied to the widgets on your website in real time.

Here’s how to install the Getsitecontrol app on a website built on Wix.

1. Install the app

Open the Wix App market, find the Getsitecontrol app, and click Add to Site:

The ‘Add to site’ button on the Getsitecontrol page of the Wix App Market

Choose the necessary site (please note that it should be Premium).

Selecting a Premium site

2. Connect your Wix site to Getsitecontrol

Confirm that you agree to connect our app to your Wix site by clicking the Add to Site button once again.

Connecting to Getsitecontrol

The app is now installed and you can start creating widgets for your website.

3. Open the app from your Wix dashboard

Find Getsitecontrol in the Manage Apps section on the left panel. Click the app itself or the Open button to log in to your Getsitecontrol dashboard:

Logging in to Getsitecontrol

Done! You’ve just successfully installed our app on your Wix website and logged in to your Getsitecontrol account.

Widgets created in the Getsitecontrol dashboard will appear on your site as soon as you activate them.

If you have any issues with installation or any other task, please contact our Tech Support team.

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