How to install widgets
with WordPress

How to install widgets 
with WordPress

We have created a dedicated WordPress popup plugin, so it's very easy to start using Getsitecontrol on WordPress. The plugin will link your site to Getsitecontrol and allow you to create and edit widgets in the Getsitecontrol dashboard with the results being applied in real time. The plugin needs to be installed only once.

Here’s how to install Getsitecontrol plugin on a website built with WordPress:

1. Install the plugin itself

Log in to your WordPress dashboard, open the Plugins section and search for Getsitecontrol. Click Install Now.

Getsitecontrol plugin in the Plugins section of WordPress control panel

When the plugin is installed click the Activate button.

2. Connect to Getsitecontrol

You will now see the new Getsitecontrol section in the left panel in your WordPress dashboard. Open this section. If you already have a registered Getsitecontrol account, choose to Sign in. If you don't yet have an account with Getsitecontrol, choose to Sign up for a free account.

Sign up form in the Getsitecontrol section

3. Switch to your Getsitecontrol dashboard

If you have one website registered in your Getsitecontrol account, you will see the Go to Dashboard button. Click it to switch to your Getsitecontrol dashboard and start managing widgets.

Go to dashboard button in the Getsitecontrol section

If you have more than one website registered in your Getsitecontrol account, you will be offered to choose the website you want to create widgets for. After selecting the necessary website from the list, click on the Go to Dashboard button.

Selecting website in the Getsitecontrol section

That’s it. You have successfully installed the Getsitecontrol plugin on your WordPress site. Widgets you create in your Getsitecontrol dashboard will be displayed on the site once you activate them.

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