How to set up an email autoresponder for your forms

An autoresponder is a custom message that is emailed to your website visitors automatically after they sign up to an email list or share their email address with you in any other way: fill out a contact form or take a poll. Such messages are a great way to introduce your company, offer something special to newly-acquired subscribers, or nudge them into further actions.

Here’s how to set up an autoresponder for your widget:

1. Sign in to Getsitecontrol

Sign in to your Getsitecontrol account. If you don’t have an account yet, create one.

2. Enable an autoresponder

Find the necessary widget on the list and click the Edit button.

Getsitecontrol dashboard with the highlighted Edit button

Switch to the Notifications tab and click the Enable autoresponder checkbox.

Enable autoresponder checkbox in the Notifications section

You’ll see three fields that you will need to fill with your own texts. Let’s take a closer look at them.

From field

Here you can add the name of an email sender (you or your company) the way it should appear in your subscribers’ inboxes.

Autoresponder “from” field in the Notifications section

Subject field

This is the field where you can add a subject line, which appears right after a sender’s name is recipients’ inboxes. Subject lines may vary depending on the form you’re creating an autoresponder for: they will be different for opt-in forms, contact forms, or polls.

Autoresponder “subject” field in the Notifications section

Message field

This is where you add the body of the email. It can include basic formatting and text links.

Autoresponder “message” field in the Notifications section

Once all the fields are filled, click Save & close to save the changes.

Save & close button highlighted in the Notifications section

That’s it! Now when someone fills out your form, the message will be sent to their email address automatically.

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