How to show your widget via a link

How to show your widget via a link

You can show your Getsitecontrol widget to your audience without actually putting it on your website.

You don’t even need to install a Getsitecontrol code anywhere: just get a link to your widget and share it via your social media, messengers, add it to your emails or anywhere else you can add a link.

Those who’ll click this link will be able to interact with the widget right away: it will open in a new browser window.

Log in to your dashboard, find the necessary widget on the list and click Get link.

Getsitecontrol dashboard with the highlighted Get link link

Click the Copy button to copy the link.

Modal window with the link and the Copy button

Everyone who’ll follow the link will see the widget as long as it is active. It will appear right away regardless of the targeting conditions specified in the widget settings.

At the same time, those site visitors who fall under the targeting conditions will also see the widget on your site.

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