Chat settings

The Chat settings page is where you can configure all live chat related settings. To open this section, click on your user name in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard and choose Chat settings from the drop-down menu.

First, enter your Display name and upload a photo. This is what your website visitors will see when you are talking to them via the Chat widget.

Next, you can choose how you want your online status to be updated — manually or automatically. When in the automatic mode, your status will change automatically when you log in to the Chat panel or close it.

If you are replying to chat conversations from the Slack dashboard, Getsitecontrol will use your Slack status (active/away), so you can continue to use the default automatic mode.

When in the manual mode, you will need to switch between 'online' and 'offline' using the dashboard menu.

If you are using the Slack mobile app, you might want to update your status manually to avoid accidentally going offline when the app is inactive. Check this guide for how to update your presence status using Slack bot commands.

On this page you can also enable or disable email notifications about new unanswered chat conversations and specify the email address you want to receive these notifications to.

The last section on the page is important if your Getsitecontrol account is connected to Slack. Slack integration allows you to reply to live chat conversations directly from your Slack account. Read more about this integration here.

If your account is already integrated with Slack, you will see the list of websites connected to Slack, the name of the channel chat notifications are sent to and the name of your Slack team. Connect and authorize your Slack account to be able to reply to chat conversations from Slack.

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