Manage live chat conversations via Slack

Connecting your Chat widget to Slack allows you to get instant notifications about new conversations and reply to your website visitors right from Slack! Check this help page for instructions on how to connect your Getsitecontrol account to Slack.

Below you will find everything you need to know to manage your chat conversations and reply to your website visitors in real time from Slack.

Receiving and replying to conversations

When a visitor on your website sends a message in the Chat widget, you will get an alert in Slack. Getsitecontrol will post a notification to the channel you (or another account manager) selected when setting up the integration. All notifications about new incoming chats will be sent to this channel.

Reply to live chat conversations right from Slack

If you want to see more details about the website visitor, click on Show details.

Reply to live chat conversations right from Slack

This notification includes a link to the new channel that has been created for this conversation. Click on this link to be taken to the conversation.

Live chat integrated with Slack

Here is how your conversation with the visitor will look in Slack. Respond directly to the client in this channel. Your replies will be sent to the Chat widget and that's where the visitor will see them.

Reply to live chat conversations right from Slack

Bot commands

There is a number of commands you can send to the Getsitecontrol bot (@getsitecontrol) to receive details about your conversations or make the bot perform certain actions for you.

For example, you can send check to @getsitecontrol to receive an update on the client's current status.

Reply to live chat conversations right from Slack

Here is the full list of commands you can use:

These commands can be sent directly to @getsitecontrol

  • help to get the list of commands
  • list to list all active conversations
  • status to get your current status
  • online to set your status to online
  • offline to set your status to offline
  • auto to update your status automatically

Conversation-only bot commands

  • @getsitecontrol check to get the client's current status
  • @getsitecontrol link to get a link to the conversation for your browser
  • @getsitecontrol close to close the current conversation
  • @getsitecontrol ban to ban the current conversation
  • @getsitecontrol unban to unban the current conversation
  • @getsitecontrol assign @user to assign the conversation to another team member
  • @mention $text to add a private note mentioning a team member

Chat on your smartphone or tablet

Slack mobile app allows you to manage your chat conversations on the go. You can access your live chat from any mobile device and talk to your customers the same way you do on desktop.

Reply to live chat conversations right from Slack

Updating your presence status (online/offline)

In your Getsitecontrol Chat settings you can choose to have your presence status updated automatically or manually. When you are chatting from the Slack dashboard, you can continue to use the default automatic mode. Getsitecontrol will use your Slack status (online/away) to update your Chat status.

However, when you are using the Slack mobile app, you might want to choose to update your status manually using Slack bot commads (see above) to avoide accidentally going offline when the app is inactive. To change status update settings, open Chat settings in your Getsitecontrol dashboard.

Reply to live chat conversations right from Slack

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