How to change your widget font style


  1. Log in to Getsitecontrol → click Edit on the necessary widget
  2. On the Appearance tab select the necessary font style using the Font menu
  3. Choose Inherit if you want the widget to use the main font of your website
  4. Click OK to save the changes

Step 1

Click the Edit button on the necessary widget.

How to change your widget font style

Step 2

While on the Appearance tab select the necessary font type from the drop-down list.

There are three options to choose from. The first two options are represented by two common font styles (Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif and Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif). The third option — Inherit — lets you use the basic font of your website (the one specified in the code of your page) as the font of the widget content.

Change your widget font style on the Appearance tab

Try different font options to see which one looks best on your website — you will see the result in the preview window on the right. You can also click the Full-size preview link to see a bigger preview of the widget on your website.

When you finish editing your widget click OK to save the changes.

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