How to create your first widget


  1. Open your Getsitecontrol dashboard → click Create widget → choose the necessary widget type
  2. On the Appearance tab choose a color and position for your widget
  3. On the Content tab edit the text displayed on the widget
  4. Click OK → activate the widget

Have you already added the Getsitecontrol code to your website? If not, here are the instructions. Now let's create the first widget for your website.

Step 1

Once the code is added to your website, open the Dashboard and click Create widget to add the first widget to your site.

How to create your first widget

Step 2

Select the necessary widget type from the drop-down list.

How to add widgets to your website

Step 3

While on the Appearance tab choose where you want to position your widget: there are 9 positions to choose from. Then choose what color you want the widget to be. Click Apply theme to choose the main color and all other colors will be automatically matched. You can also choose from the colors used on your actual website (Website colors).

If you want to use custom colors for elements of the widget, use the Colors section.

Create widgets for your website

Step 4

Switch to the Content tab and enter the text you want your website visitors to see. You can see the changes you make in the preview window. When you are done editing click OK.

Add widgets to your website

Step 5

When you first create a widget, it is not activated and not displayed on your website. When you are ready to publish the widget, activate it.

Add widgets to your website

That’s all. Your new widget has just been added to your website!

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