How to hide widgets on mobile devices


  1. Log in to Getsitecontrol → click Edit on the necessary widget
  2. Go to the Targeting tab
  3. Under Who should see this widget? choose visitors who meet the conditions below
  4. Check the Mobile checkbox next to Exclude devices
  5. Click OK to save the changes

Getsitecontrol widgets are adapted for mobile. If you have a responsive website all your widgets will automatically switch to the mobile view when the site is opened on a mobile device. However, if your website is not responsive you might want to hide some of the widgets from those who are using mobile devices to access your website. Here is how you can configure your widgets to be hidden on smartphones and/or tablets while still showing them on desktops:

Step 1

Log in to your Getsitecontrol dashboard, find the necessary widget in the list and click on the Edit button. If you want to create a new widget, click on the blue Create widget button.

Click the Edit button to change widget's settings

Step 2

Switch to the Targeting tab. By default the widget is shown to all website visitors. To change that check visitors who meet the conditions below in the Who should see this widget? section.

Use the Targeting section to choose who should see the widget

Step 3

Make sure that the Exclude devices option is selected in the drop-down menu and then check the Mobile check-box. If you want to hide the widget from tablet visitors as well, check the Tablet check-box.

That's it. Click OK to save the changes. Now visitors browsing your website from mobile devices will not see the widget.

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