How to target visitors by UTM parameters


  1. Open your Getsitecontrol dashboard → click Edit on the necessary widget
  2. Go to the Targeting tab
  3. Under Who should see this widget? choose visitors who meet the conditions below
  4. Choose Include UTM tags or Exclude UTM tags from the drop-down list
  5. Choose the type of tag (source/medium/campaign/term/content) → enter the tag value → click +
  6. Click OK to save the changes

If you are using UTM tags to track campaigns, you can use the same tags to target widgets to website visitors coming from particular sources. For example, you can show a widget only to the visitors who have come to the site by clicking a link in your newsletter. You can also easily exclude these visitors from seeing a widget. You can include or exclude visitors based on any of the five UTM parameters: source, medium, campaign, term and content.

Step 1

Open your Getsitecontrol dashboard and click Edit on the necessary widget, the one you want to show to specific groups of visitors only.

How to target visitors by UTM parameters

Step 2

Switch to the Targeting tab and check the option visitors who meet the conditions below.

Target widgets to specific groups of website visitors using UTM parameters

Step 3

To exclude a certain group of visitors from seeing the widget first make sure that the option Exclude UTM tags is selected. Then choose the necessary dimension from the drop-down list (source/medium/campaign/term/content,), type in the UTM value and click + to add the new targeting rule.

How to target visitors by UTM parameters

You can see that a new rule has been added.

Exclude certain groups of website visitors from seeing the widget based on UTM parameters

Step 4

You can include certain groups of website visitors the same way by choosing the Include UTM tags options in the drop-down list.

How to target visitors by UTM parameters

You can add one targeting rule or several rules to include or exclude several groups of website visitors.

Include or exclude website visitors based on UTM parameters

When you are done editing the widget click OK to save the changes. After that, only the selected groups of website visitors will see this widget. Visitors excluded by your targeting rules will not see the widget.

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