How to enable opt-in confirmation email (MailChimp only)

If you integrate your GetSiteControl widgets with MailChimp you can also enable the MailChimp double opt-in process. All your new subscribers will be emailed a link to confirm their subscription. If they don’t click on this link they will not be added to your MailChimp list.

Step 1

Open your GetSiteControl dashboard, find the necessary Subscribe widget in the list and click on the Edit button.


Step 2

Switch to the Integrations tab. If you have selected MailChimp in the Third party integrations section you will see the option Opt-in confirmation email under the drop-down menu you used to select the mailing list. Select this option and click OK to save the changes.


That’s it. Now MailChimp will send an opt-in confirmation email to everyone who submits their address via your GetSiteControl Subscribe widget. They will only be added to the mailing list after they have clicked the link to confirm their subscription. If they skip this step, they won’t be added to your MailChimp list.

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