How to create a poll


  1. Click Create widget → choose Survey from the list
  2. On the Appearance tab choose a color and position for the widget
  3. On the Content tab edit the default question or add a new one (+Add question)
  4. Click OK → activate the widget

A poll is a type of survey that is small, simple and quick and usually consists of a single multiple choice question. You can choose to allow respondents to select only one answer or multiple answers. Here's how you can create a poll and publish it on your website.

Step 1

Log in to your Getsitecontrol dashboard, click the Create widget button and choose Survey from the drop-down list to create a new Survey widget.

Click the green Create widget button to create a new Survey widget

Step 2

On the Appearance tab choose where on the page you want to place your widget (Position) and what color the widget will be.

Choose a color and position for your poll

Step 3

Now switch to the Content tab and choose the necessary type of question. If you want to allow respondents to choose only one answer don't change anything, the default question type is what you need. However, if you want respondents to be able to choose several answers delete the default question, click the Add question button and choose Checkboxes from the list of available question types.

How to create a poll

Step 4

Type the question you want to ask into the Question field. You can also change the Title of your poll.

Enter your poll's question into the Question field

Step 5

Now enter the answer choices you want respondents to choose from. By default there are three choices, but you can add more by clicking Add answer.

Add answer choices to your poll

Step 6

Your poll is ready. Click OK to save the changes and don't forget to activate your widget to publish it on your website.

Activate your poll to start displaying it on your website

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