How to use branching logic in a survey

What is survey logic?

Survey logic means sending respondents through different paths in a survey based on the answer they select. ‘Survey logic’, also known as ‘skip logic’, ‘conditional branching’ or simply ‘branching’ is when you are asked ‘Do you own a pet?’ in the first question and depending on what answer you give you will see different questions after it. If you answer ‘Yes’ you might be asked what kind of pet you own. And if you answer ‘No’ then you might be sent straight to the end of the survey, see a ‘Thank you for participating’ message and be free to go, because all other questions in this survey do not apply to you. That’s what survey logic is for, it allows you to ask the right questions to the right people.

A simple survey with no logic added is a linear set of questions in which questions go one after another and every respondent sees the same set of questions in the same order. With the help of survey logic you can create more than one path in a survey and make respondents see different number of questions or completely different sets of questions based on the answer they give.

Here is how you can add branching logic to a survey:

Step 1

Open your Getsitecontrol dashboard and click Create widget to create a new Survey widget.

Create an online survey with branching logic

Step 2

On the Appearance tab you can change the look of your widget.

To start creating and editing survey questions, switch to the Content tab. We would recommend you to start with deleting the default questions.

Create an online survey with branching logic

Now switch from Linear survey to Skip logic and branching using the corresponding radio buttons.

Enable Skip logic and branching

Step 3

Use the Add question button to add the necessary questions one by one. Add the necessary answer options for multiple choice questions as well.

Enable Skip logic and branching

Enable Skip logic and branching

You will see a drop-down under each of the answer options. Here you need to choose where you want to send visitors if they choose this answer.

In our example we want those who reply No to the first question to go straight to the Thank you page (without seeing any other questions). We are creating this Thank you page first and then selecting it from the drop-down list under the No answer option.

Add a custom success page to your survey

Enable Skip logic and branching

Those who answer Yes to the first question need to proceed to the next question. So, we create the second question and then select it in the drop-down list under the Yes option.

Enable Skip logic and branching

Enable Skip logic and branching

That's it. Now those who choose Yes in the first question will be send to the second question. And those who answer No in the first question will be send to the Thank you page.

You can create as many questions and paths in your survey as you need the same way.

When you are done editing your Survey widget, click OK to save the changes. When you are ready to publish your survey on the website activate the widget from your dashboard.

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