Smart Joomla popups to
engage with your audience

Create custom Joomla forms to collect emails, conduct surveys, and let website
visitors contact you. Add notification bars, sticky buttons, and CTA popups.

Getsitecontrol Encourage email subscriptions Encourage email subscriptions

Looking for a way to grow an email list? Getsitecontrol brings a perfect Joomla form builder to help you collect email addresses. Create non-obtrusive sticky opt-in forms, time-delayed or scroll-triggered popups that match your website design and deliver results.

Getsitecontrol Provide technical & sales support Provide technical & sales support

Use Getsitecontrol to allow your prospects to choose the most convenient way of communication. Whether you need a regular contact us button, a callback form, or a technical support request form – we've got you covered.

Getsitecontrol Optimize conversions Optimize conversions

If your goal is to increase the number of downloads, signups, or placed orders, Joomla widgets can be a powerful solution. Use personalization and precise targeting to display custom messages to the highly engaged audience. Run A/B tests to define the most efficient call-to-action.

Getsitecontrol Keep your visitors informed Keep your visitors informed

Whenever there is a new article published on your blog, an upcoming webinar, or an important update about your website, sticky bars and popups are a surefire way to notify your audience about it. Place them on select pages and target particular groups of visitors if needed.

Getsitecontrol Conduct website surveys Conduct website surveys

Utilize online surveys to learn more about your audience and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly. Ask visitors about their experience on a website or suggest voting for the next update. Based on your goals, you can choose short polls, star rating scales, multi-page questionnaires, or website exit surveys.

Getsitecontrol Collect user feedback Collect user feedback

Create a channel for website visitors to share their opinion about your products, services, and marketing decisions. Add custom contact and feedback forms, ask specific questions with online polls, suggest them rating the website right before exiting.

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A set of essential Joomla widgets in a
single dashboard

Collect email addresses for your business using customizable Joomla popupsSee live preview →

Email signup forms

Collect email addresses with our customizable mobile-friendly subscription forms. Select among 4 webpage positions, choose a dedicated template, and adjust widget colors to match your website design. Set up the condition for it to appear: after a period of time, after a visitor scrolls down your content, or whey they intent to exit.

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Easy-to-install contact form for JoomlaSee live preview →

Contact forms for Joomla

Add online contact forms to your website and make it easy for website visitors to reach out whenever they have a question or an idea to share. Using templates and customizable fields you can modify a generic contact form into a customer support form, callback request button, complaint form, online order form, and more.

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Use survey forms to learn more about your website audience with survey widgets for JoomlaSee live preview →

Versatile survey widget

Create a survey form that precisely meets your goals, whether it’s a quick poll, a multi-page questionnaire, or a website exit survey. Use custom fields including text comment boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, dropdown menus, and star rating scales. Collect emails of the visitors who fill out the form and send them autoresponder messages.

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Professional-looking Joomla popups to announce website newsSee live preview →

Notification bars
and popups

If you have a deal to promote, an update to announce, or exciting news to share, use floating sticky bars and attention-grabbing popups to ensure the information gets seen by your website visitors. Use ready-made templates as they are or adjust colors and sizes, change a widget image, and write a powerful call-to-action to drive your audience to another URL or make them react by clicking the button.

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Integrate Getsitecontrol with your
favorite software

Getsitecontrol Email marketing apps Email marketing apps

Connect the widgets used to capture email addresses on your website to your email marketing services and send new subscribers directly to the assigned email lists.

Getsitecontrol Zapier cloud solutions Zapier cloud solutions

Connect the Joomla forms to any cloud app supported by Zapier. Send data collected by the widgets to your favorite CRM, helpdesk, or any other software.

Getsitecontrol Google Analytics Google Analytics

Integrate Joomla widgets with your Google Analytics account to see the interaction statistics under the Events reports and adjust the strategy accordingly.

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