Our plans are tailored to the stage your business is currently at, so you only pay for what you need. All plans include branding-free widgets, email broadcasts, built-in templates, and live chat support.

Set your sales on autopilot Set your sales on autopilot Set your sales on autopilot Set your sales on autopilot

Set your sales on autopilot Set your sales on autopilot Set your sales on autopilot Set your sales on autopilot

Essential features


Ready-to-use templates

Access a large gallery of professionally designed templates and get started faster.

Branding-free widgets

Build one-of-a-kind popups and never worry about the logo being added to them.


Connect Google Analytics, integrate widgets with Sheets or other apps via Zapier.

Statistics & reports

Analyze performance: responses, interaction reports and traffic channels.

Page-level targeting

Easily select pages on your website where popups should or should not be displayed.

Frequency control

Set up a displaying conditions for popups to stop being displayed.


Contact database

Build a list of contacts who've joined via Getsitecontrol forms.


Create audience segments and use them to craft personalized promo emails.


Add tags to your contacts easily via field mapping and automations.

Interaction history

View how each contact has interacted with your widgets and emails.


Import your email list from a CSV file, manually, or directly from Mailchimp or Shopify.

Custom fields

Create and manage custom contact fields. Use them for segmentation, contact filtering, & DTR.


Audience targeting

Set up audience filters and conditions to send targeted email campaigns.

Targeting templates

Use built-in targeting templates to quickly
build segments for your campaign.

Performance report

See how many people have received, opened, and clicked through your email.


Send email broadcasts right away or schedule them for a future date and time.

Email editor

Full-featured email editor

Craft distinct, professional-looking emails
using a built-in email editor.

Ready-to-use templates

Get started faster with a dozen of
pre-designed welcome email templates.

Draft sharing

Let your colleagues preview email drafts by sharing them via direct links.

AI text generator

Quickly generate text for your emails from scratch or refine your own copy.

Third-party apps


Email marketing

Integrate your website forms with Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and other EMS.

CRM & automation

Connect marketing automation platforms like Hubspot and Keap to your widgets.

Customer experience

Optimize your customer experience by connecting apps like Intercom and Omnisend.

Pro features


Audience targeting

Target specific audience segments based on their characteristics and user behavior.

Behavior triggers

Offer welcome coupons, promote limited-time deals, recommend products.

Displaying schedule

Use pop-up surveys and contact forms to learn about your customers needs and wants.

CSS editor

Use the built-in CSS editor to tailor the text, color, sizing, animation & position.

A/B testing

Display several versions of the same popup to see which one brings better results.

Dynamic text replacement

Display visitor’s name, location, or device on a popup to personalize the experience.

Skip logic and branching

Create widgets that adapt each subsequent page to the options selected by respondents.


Form submission

Set up follow-up automations to confirm any form submission and tag new contacts.

Email link click

Build automations triggered when contacts click certain links in your emails.

Webhook request

Trigger email marketing workflows by real-time events and incoming data.


Launch workflows for your contacts by adding them to specific segments.


Build a reusable workflow and launch it within other automations.

Email editor

Product cards

Bring your store to your customers' inboxes with clickable product cards.

Dynamic text replacement

Use names, locations, current date, and other available data in your email copy.

Countdown timers

Add beautiful fixed-date or evergreen countdown timers to your emails.

Scrolling text

Add scrolling text to your emails to highlight important announcements.

All-around store integration


Add to cart action

Let customers add products to the shopping cart with a button click.

Apply discount action

Promote coupons and let customers apply them to the cart upon a button click.

Cart & customer targeting

Upsell and cross-sell based on customers conditions, cart price or contents.

Product targeting

Create special offers for those viewing specific brands or product variants.

Cart action triggers

Display popups when a customer adds an item to the cart or removes it from there.

Product image gallery

Fetch product images from the store and add them to your popups.

Product search

Offer welcome coupons, promote limited-time deals, recommend products.


New subscriber

Create automations to welcome and engage new contacts joining your list.


Build email marketing automations triggered when customer place their orders.

Checkout abandonment

Set up a workflow for contacts who leave checkout without completing the purchase.

Email editor

Add to cart action

Let customers add products from your emails directly to the cart.

Apply discount action

Send email coupons and let customers apply them directly from the inbox.

Buy now action

Let shoppers buy products from your emails quickly by taking them straight to checkout.

Set your sales on autopilot Set your sales on autopilot Set your sales on autopilot Set your sales on autopilot

Set your sales on autopilot Set your sales on autopilot Set your sales on autopilot Set your sales on autopilot

Frequently asked questions

How many sites can I add?

You can add several sites in the Billing section of your account. Keep in mind that our prices are per site. All sites in an account will have the same billing plan, e.g. Pro (5 sites) plan.

How are widget views counted?

A unique widget view occurs each time a widget is displayed. The total number of views will vary based on how many visitors your website receives monthly. To help you keep things under control, we provide real-time statistics on widget performance, so you can adjust display settings if needed.

What if I reach the view limit?

When the number of views reaches the monthly limit allowed on your plan, widgets will stop displaying on your website. All the data will be accessible in your account, and widgets will resume displaying with the beginning of a new monthly cycle.

How many widgets can I create?

As many as you wish. There are no limitations on the number of widgets you can create and publish on your website. That includes multiple widgets of the same type, i.e. several email subscription forms, various announcement popups, and so on.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Absolutely. There is no commitment, so if you change your mind, you can cancel your subscription anytime. If you need to change your current plan, you can do that too. Add extra sites, switch between plans or monthly and annual billing – any unused balance will be carried over to future billing periods.

Can I install the app for my clients?

Of course. Feel free to use Getsitecontrol on the websites you are building or managing for your clients. You can easily manage multiple websites under one account.

Do you offer discounts?

We do! If you purchase our annual subscription instead of paying on a monthly basis, you'll save up to 25%. The size of the discount will depend on the plan you choose.

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