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Make your website content sharable to let your satisfied customers talk about your company and drive more traffic.

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Your customers speaking about you on social media is free advertising. Let them spread the word around.

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Add a code snippet to your website once and then create and edit widgets from your dashboard without any changes to the code.


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Share widget features

Stop visitors from leaving

Lower your site’s bounce rate and increase time on-site by showing a custom message to the visitors leaving your website.


Target visitors by country, device, browser, OS, traffic source, IP or UTM parameters, target new or returning visitors. Show widgets on selected pages only.

Real-time statistics

See how your widgets perform with real-time statistics, easy-to-read graphs, downloadable reports and a clickmap showing where your visitors come from.


Bars, popups, buttons or panels - you choose how your widgets will look like. Add custom images, choose colors, fonts and animations.

Smart triggers

Have full control over your widget's behavior, choose to start and stop widgets based on scrolling, after a set amount of time, on a certain date or day of the week.

Mobile responsive

Offer your website visitors better mobile user experience with widgets that are responsive and mobile-ready.