Custom Shopify widgets for the most
crucial eCommerce tasks

A must-have Shopify widget set to grow your online store: create custom email popups, contact
forms, surveys, floating bars, slide-ins and more.

Getsitecontrol Capture email leads Capture email leads

Collect emails in your Shopify store using email subscription forms, contact forms, or website surveys. Create segmentation by targeting visitors based on their location, language, referral source, on-page behavior, exit-intention, and more.

Getsitecontrol Provide technical & sales support Provide technical & sales support

Allow your customers and prospects to choose the most convenient way of communication. Install a neat contact form to your Shopify store, add a callback request button, or use a sales support request form – all using Getsitecontrol widget builder.

Getsitecontrol Boost up product sales Boost up product sales

Use Shopify store popups to highlight your unique selling proposition and take visitors to a landing page. Optimize conversions by offering discounts in exchange for an email and reduce cart abandonment with the exit-intent technology.

Getsitecontrol Display important information Display important information

Create notification bars for your Shopify store to display current deals, limited-time coupons, and shipping terms. Use targeted CTA popups and slide-ins to drive your visitors to a new blog post, a giveaway, or a new product page.

Getsitecontrol Conduct website surveys Conduct website surveys

Utilize Getsitecontrol form builder to add surveys to Shopify and make data-driven decisions about your marketing strategy. Embed star rating scales, short polls, and multi-page questionnaires to find out what your customers think and want.

Getsitecontrol Collect user feedback Collect user feedback

Provide a way for your audience to share their thoughts by using custom Shopify widgets. Install feedback buttons, encourage visitors to participate in a survey, or suggest evaluating their experience with an exit rating popup.

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The ultimate set of Shopify forms
and popups

Email subscription forms for ShopifySee live preview →

Email opt-in forms

Grow your email list with high-converting mobile-friendly opt-in forms. Create targeted email subscription popups and floating bars, apply personalization and on-page behavior triggers. Use exit-intent technology to convert abandoning visitors and the autoresponder feature to deliver lead magnets.

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Custom contact forms for ShopifySee live preview →

Contact forms for Shopify

Build unlimited contact forms for your Shopify store and get instantly notified about new submissions via email. Reply directly from your inbox or set up an autoresponder. Find the right template or create the form from scratch using any configuration: dropdown menus, radio buttons, checkboxes, text fields, and star rating scales.

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Online survey popups for ShopifySee live preview →

Surveys and polls

Add a survey form to your Shopify store to learn more about your audience. With a better understanding of their preferences and concerns, you may be able to faster meet their expectations, increase sales, and reduce returns. Use website exit-intent polls to find out the reasons for store abandonment and optimize its content.

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Notification bars and popups for Shopify storesSee live preview →

Popups and sticky bars

Use eye-catching popups and floating notification bars to announce special deals on your store. Display them at once or based on your visitors’ on-page behavior. Activate exit-intent popups to reduce cart abandonment, create targeted offers and personalized copy for various audience segmented by location, referral source, UTM, and more.

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Getsitecontrol Zapier cloud solutions Zapier cloud solutions

Connect your Shopify forms with over 1000 applications from the Zapier library. Send data collected by the widgets to your favorite CRM, helpdesk, or any other software.

Getsitecontrol Google Analytics Google Analytics

Connect Getsitecontrol account to Google Analytics and track widget performance in the Events section to adjust your campaign based on real-time results.

Shopify widgets that adjust to
your strategy

Getsitecontrol Exit-intent popups Exit-intent popups

Reduce shopping cart abandonment and convert visitors leaving your store using exit-intent popups with custom CTAs and irresistible incentives.

Getsitecontrol Precise targeting settings Precise targeting settings

Target customers based on the page they’re viewing and whether it’s their first visit of your store. Personalize widgets for those visiting from a select location, device, referral source or UTM.

Getsitecontrol Smart display triggers Smart display triggers

Have full control over your widgets: choose to start or stop displaying them on select days or in response to the visitors’ behavior including time spent on a page, scroll-depth and exit-intent.

Getsitecontrol Custom images Custom images

Increase user engagement with the widget by using visuals. Upload a creative from your desktop or choose GIFs and images that will march your message from our extensive gallery.

Getsitecontrol Mobile responsive Mobile responsive

All widgets easily adapt to the size of smaller screens. Featuring large eye-catching CTA buttons and responsive fields, they help you maintain great user experience on mobile.

Getsitecontrol Design customization Design customization

Decide whether your Shopify widgets should appear as modal popups, sticky bars, slide-ins, or panels. Use ready-made templates as they are or adjust colors and sizes, and change a widget image.

Getsitecontrol Email autoresponder Email autoresponder

Create custom messages that will be automatically sent to those who have subscribed to your newsletter, completed a survey or used your contact form.

Getsitecontrol Real-time statistics Real-time statistics

See how your widgets perform with real-time statistics, easy-to-read graphs, downloadable reports and a clickmap showing where your visitors come from.

Getsitecontrol Split testing Split testing

Create up to 5 variations of the same form or popup and let your store visitors determine which color theme, copy, creative, and call-to-action make the winning combination.

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