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Website exit survey popup created in GetSiteControl
For optimization enthusiasts

Create exit survey

Website surveys triggered by exit-intent are perfect for finding out why your visitors are leaving without taking action. Use them on strategically important pages to understand which step of your customer journey requires optimization and why.

Star rating survey to measure customer satisfaction
For growing businesses

Measure customer

Let website visitors rate your products, services, or your content with a simple star rating type of a website survey. It’s the fastest and the easiest way to share the level of satisfaction providing you with the basic customer insights.

Employee satisfaction survey form example
For project managers

Publish surveys on the

With GetSiteControl, you get to choose the pages you want a survey form to appear on. Use this widget to place a feedback form internally for employees’ access only. Adjust the fields to your needs and receive constructive opinions.

Website survey widget to conduct product research
For online entrepreneurs

Conduct market research

Website survey popups are great for collecting customer feedback, evaluating marketing performance, conducting research, or validating new ideas. And smart targeting settings will allow you to show the form to selected audiences based on their characteristics or on-page behavior.

Collect email addresses with with a website survey popup
For those building an email list

Use website survey
popups to collect emails

Offer survey respondents to share their email addresses and subscribe to your newsletter. Connect GetSiteControl survey widget to the email marketing software of your choice and get new contacts added to your list automatically.

You’re on the right track

Ryan Webb

Exit intent surveys can be game changers. We placed one on the page where website visitors were dropping out the most and within several days, we were able to identify the reason of webpage abandonment. The responses helped us quickly come up with an optimization idea. As a result – a 5% conversion rate increase right after implementation.

SearchStar Digital Advertising Agency
Designmodo Magazine

GetSiteControl is one of the tools I prefer when it comes to conversion optimization. It comes from a single developer, it’s cohesive, feature rich and is backed up by outstanding support.

Small Business Trends

GetSiteControl has created a solution designed to simplify the process so you can insert the right call-to-action widget at the right time.


The targeting options, combined with the behavior options, are what make GetSiteControl so powerful.

Get a website survey form up and running today

GetSiteControl Installation as easy as 1-2-3 Installation as easy as 1-2-3

All you need to start using survey widgets is register GetSiteControl account and connect it to your website. WordPress users can find a dedicated plugin in WP directory, and webmasters using other platforms will need to perform a basic Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V operation with a tiny code snippet.

GetSiteControl Appearance customization Appearance customization

Decide what level of complexity you want the survey to be. Your options include a start rating, a quick poll, a multi-page questionnaire, and a skip logic survey. Make use of field templates and question examples to build the form faster.

GetSiteControl Precise targeting Precise targeting

You can choose to survey a specific segment of your audience based on their characteristics':' location they’re visiting your website from, browser and OS, their language, IP, or even the referral source they came from. Display different survey questions to the new and returning visitors.

GetSiteControl On-page behavior rules On-page behavior rules

Apply user behavior triggers to define when to start and when to stop showing a website survey. Decide, whether the time spent on a webpage, the scrolling depth, or the exit-intent will trigger a survey to pop up. For planned campaigns, schedule the widget to be displayed during the chosen days and hours.

GetSiteControl Skip logic surveys Skip logic surveys

Those who need to conduct a more comprehensive survey, can make use of skip logic and branching features. That means each respondent will be sent through a different survey path based on their answers they provide and the rules you define.

GetSiteControl Unobtrusive mobile view Unobtrusive mobile view

GetSiteControl website survey widgets are designed with mobile audience in mind and when displayed on a smaller device – a smartphone or a tablet – they automatically adapt to take less than 30% of screen space. That helps provide great user experience and meet Google requirements for popups.

GetSiteControl Autoresponder feature Autoresponder feature

If an email field has been added to the survey form, you can set up an autoresponder. It is a short message instantly sent to the respondent via the email provided. Typically, it’s used to inform that the survey results have been received or provide additional content.

GetSiteControl Split testing Split testing

To achieve higher engagement rate, you can A/B test up to 5 versions of a widget simultaneously. Use this feature to find out which element – the webpage position, the copy, the number of answers, or the chosen survey type – has the biggest impact on the click-through-rate results.

GetSiteControl Instant statistics Instant statistics

Every time a website survey form is filled out by a visitor, GetSiteControl adds data to the real-time reports. As a result, you can see how many times the form was viewed and clicked through, where the respondents are located geographically, and the responses you’ve received so far.

Website surveys working with your business apps

Install on any website platform

Install GetSiteControl survey widget to any website. It requires zero coding knowledge and runs on WordPress, Shopify, Tumblr, Squarespace, Bigcommerce, and other platforms – you name it!

Integrate with 30+ email apps

Integrate survey forms with the email marketing app you are using. Collect email addresses from the respondents and they will be added to your list of subscribers automatically.

Track widget performance

Connect your GetSiteControl and Google Analytics accounts to watch the widgets performance in the Events section and track progress over time.

Connect with 750+ web apps

Make use of Zapier integrations with over 700 web apps to easily send the information from survey forms placed on your website to the relevant software of your choice.

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